November 18, 2016

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Bishop Gutierrez's Pilgrimage to St. Christopher's, Gladwyne

American Friends of the Episcopal Diocese of Jerusalem

L to R: Eliza Griswold, the Rt. Rev. Frank Griswold, Anne Lynn

The Diocese of Pennsylvania Committee of the American Friends of the Episcopal Diocese of Jerusalem (AFEDJ) is pleased to announce that its friends and supporters generously contributed $17,820 at the Committee's event held on April 3rd this year.  

On that date at Cathedral Village the friends and supporters gathered to hear talks by Eliza Griswold, a New York Times journalist, on whether we are now seeing the "End of Christianity in the Middle East," and by Anne K. Lynn, the Executive Director of AFEDJ, on the nonsectarian humanitarian works of the Episcopal Diocese of Jerusalem, especially in education and health care.  

Of the gifts that were designated, Al Ahli Arab Hospital in Gaza and the Episcopal Technological and Vocational Training Center in Ramallah each received 40%, the Princess Basma Center for Disabled Children in Jerusalem received 12%, and the Holy Land Institute for the Deaf at Salt received 8%.  The Committee is grateful for this singular outpouring of love and concern for our sisters and brothers in the Holy Land.

Reflections on Our Journey
A Video by the Anti Racism Commission

Christmas in the Middle East
The Episcopal Diocese of PA Warmly Welcomes the Ven. Canon Bill Schwartz, Archdeacon of Cyprus and the Gulf: December 15-18, 2016

DioPa will be honored to welcome the Venerable Canon Bill Schwartz, OBE, the Archdeacon of the Anglican Diocese of Cyprus and the Gulf, during the Season of Advent 2016. Archdeacon Schwartz will be discussing Christianity in the Middle East, past, present and future, at various venues throughout the Diocese. He will provide firsthand testimony and perspective on the crucial, and life-giving work our Anglican Communion is doing throughout the Middle East, and answer your questions. Perhaps most importantly, Archdeacon Bill can offer thoughts and ideas about how we in DioPA might form closer bonds of friendship with DioCyp & Gulf, and walk with our sisters and brothers in that region as they experience extraordinary challenges, changes and a sense of hope.

Meet Archdeacon Bill on:
Thur. 12/15    6:30PM-8:00PM      St. John's, Concord PA (610) 459-2994
Dinner/Presentation/Q&A                The Rev. Dr.  John Sorenson

Sat. 12/17    10:00AM-12:00N        St. David's Church, Wayne PA (610) 688-7947
Brunch/Presentation/Q&A               The Rev. Frank Allen

Sat. 12/17   7:00PM-8:30PM          St. Paul's, Chestnut Hill, PA  (215) 242-2055
Refreshment/Presentation/Q&A       The Rev. Cliff Cutler

Sun. 12/18    10AM-12:00PM        St. Martin's Church, Radnor PA (610) 688-4830
Archdeacon preaches at 10:00AM Service, Q&A to follow    The Rev. Chris Bishop

Sun. 12/18    2:00PM-4:00PM       Philadelphia Episcopal Cathedral, (215) 386-0234
Refreshment/Presentation/Q&A      The Very Rev. Judith Sullivan
A Brief Bio:
* Bill was born in 1952 in Omaha, Nebraska, USA.  Archdeacon Bill is married to Edith and they have four children: Ann, Tobias, Luke and Katherine.
  • *    1970-1975:  Bachelor of Arts degrees in English Literature and Philosophy from Tarkio College, Tarkio, Missouri
  • *    1973-1977:  Director of the overseas study programme of Tarkio College in Alexandria, Egypt
  • *    1977-1981:  Administrator and Assistant Director, Institute of Middle East Studies, Skouriotissa, Cyprus
  • *    1981-1989:  Director of Research (Middle East) for 'Open Doors', Limassol, Cyprus
  • *    1986-1999:  Limassol: Chairman of the House of Laity of the Diocesan Synod, Assistant Treasurer of the Diocese, lay member of the Provincial Synod, lay member of the Diocesan Standing Committee of the Diocese. Nicosia: Diocesan Secretary/Treasurer
  • *    1993: Ordained deacon in Larnaca, Cyprus
  • *    1993 (August): Ordained priest at All Hallows by the Tower
  • *    1999-2007:  Rector, Canterbury Group (Saudi Arabia)
  • *    2006 (February 6):  Made Canon of St Christopher's Cathedral, Bahrain
  • *    2007-2014:  Senior Chaplain, Qatar
  • *    2007-present:  Provincial Treasurer
  • *    2009:  Appointed as Archdeacon in the Gulf
  • *    2013:  Awarded DMin at Nashotah House Seminary, USA
The Diocese of Cyprus and the Gulf comprises a huge geographical area, including Cyprus, the Persian Gulf , the Arabian Peninsula, Iraq and Yemen . Churches throughout the region under the care of Bishop Michael Lewis and Archdeacon Bill Schwartz include:
Please plan to attend a stimulating evening with Archdeacon Bill to discuss the Christian Church in the Middle East -- both the birthplace of Christianity, and where Christians today are facing some of the most serious challenges confronting the Church anywhere in the world.
For more information, or if your parish would like to host Archdeacon Bill, please contact The Rev. Christopher Bishop, St. Martin's Church, Radnor, (610) 688-4830/(cell) 917-607-7489.

The DIOPA Resource Guide is here!
We have heard your suggestions, compiled them, and we would like to present the DIOPA Resource Guide: a directory of information about the Diocese of Pennsylvania, and how we can best serve you. We encourage you to explore the website at
This website is designed to continue to capture information that is useful and relevant to all members of the Diocese. Please continue to submit your suggestions. Contact J.D. Lafrance at or use our online form:

Introducing our new Diocesan Mobile App "DIOPAConnect"

Dear Brothers and Sisters,

As part of my promise to better serve you, I am pleased to present a major initiative from the Offices of the Episcopal Diocese of Pennsylvania. This mobile directory app will help us all to feel connected, provides useful information about parishes, and enables us to have one more important way to stay informed about everything going on in our wonderful Diocese. We are here to help and to serve you, and this mobile app is an important step in showing the kind of innovation and emphasis that is placed on equipping our congregations to build the Kingdom of God.

The Rt Rev Daniel G.P. Gutierrez
XVI Bishop of the Episcopal Diocese of Pennsylvania

Our new diocesan directory mobile application has been developed to help members of our diocese have direct access to one another no matter where we are, and to promote connectivity by adding photos, shared experiences and our Twitter feed to the basic data contained in our diocesan directory. This is part of our new initiative to be better servants to our community of faith through effective communications with the goal of using mobile technology to meet the needs of our parishes, clergy and laity.

The new mobile directory app "DIOPAConnect" is now available for download.

DIOPAConnect: The Offices of Episcopal Diocese of Pennsylvania mobile application, is an app designed for connecting clergy and laity to contact information, parish information, events and social media. This app is free to install.

It will allow you to:
  • Carry the Mobile Directory with you wherever you go.
  • Quickly call or email anyone in the directory
  • Get directions or find the nearest Parish, plus the contact information
  • Keep up to date by staying current with Events Calendar and add reminders for important events
  • Share your experiences on the "Wall"
  • View Photos
  • Follow the Diocese on Twitter

To download the mobile application go to the "App Store" icon on your iPhones or the "Google Play" icon on your Android Phone and search for "DIOPA" or "DIOPA mobile directory."

Let us know how DiopaConnect works for you. User feedback helps us to tailor our applications to better meet your needs.

Gifts of Stock

As we approach the end of the year, you might want to think about making a gift of stock to the Diocese of Pennsylvania, The Church Foundation or any of the parishes, schools and other institutions within the Diocese.

The Church Foundation is equipped to help facilitate your charitable giving. The process is easy, and offers benefits to both the donor and the recipient.

Visit The Church Foundation website or contact Lori Daniels at 215-220-9886 or Alan Lindsay at 215-621-8310 for more information.

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