April 2019

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A Pilgrimage
Dear ,

My dad would have been 89 years old today. Since his death, I have often thought about how I could possibly encapsulate him and how he lived his life. Spirit stepped in (as she often does) and the word was given to me last week through a podcast that featured the writer Paolo Coelho. He spoke about life being a pilgrimage to the question “Who am I?” That was it. My father's life was a pilgrimage and his question was “How do I live a life of goodness and beauty?”

He was a philosopher and teacher and he believed that God spoke to us through beauty. He educated men and women on everything from liturgical music to Ionic and Doric columns in architecture (information that has helped me on countless New York Times crosswords). He taught farmers’ sons in North Dakota the beauty of Gregorian Chant and brought them to Europe through his many photographs of art that he took on his own journeys. He was a pilgrim who walked with love, support, and forgiveness. He changed so many people’s lives and continues to change mine. 

I am doing my best to walk in my father’s footsteps. I am a pilgrim seeking a life that is meaningful. I seek a life that is sacred and connected to spirit. I seek to be a teacher and a student. I seek to celebrate my NOW body and life and help others do the same. I seek to redefine community and connection. I seek to help others share their stories. 

Like my dad, I believe in the transformative power of beauty and to that I add the element of movement. Movement, specifically Nia, and music are my conduits to living a life that is vibrationally alive.

My dad’s absence is overwhelming but beautiful. His being has soaked into mine and I feel like I am continuing his pilgrimage for him. I aspire to be like him. He was kind. He was present. He was grace personified. I am blessed to have walked with him for so many years of my life and I miss him everyday. 

, I am honored to be a participant on your pilgrimage. My hope is that you are able to be in a place of curiosity, self-love, resilience, and vibrational aliveness with all of life's questions. Whether we are near or far from each other, I will walk with you every step of the way. 

Much love,
New Nia Website and Classes
I am excited to tell you that I am reenergizing my Nia life with a new website dedicated to information about my current classes, workshops, Nia travel dates, and anything else you might want to know about me and the practice that has changed my life. Please check it out and share it with anyone you might want to invite to Nia.

In addition to the new website, I have added two new kinds of Nia classes to my weekly schedule. Family Nia is proving to be an inspirational and JOYFUL class for parents and children to move together at StudioNia Santa Fe. It's at 3:30 every Monday afternoon. Additionally, I added a 20-minute Nia Workout every Tuesday and Thursday morning at 7 a.m. It's an incredibly energizing way to start the day - better than coffee! Both Family Nia and the 20-minute Workout are only $5 per person.
Our April event is SOLD OUT but we still have a few spots open for our May 12 Sacred Sunday at StudioNia Santa Fe . Through Reiki, meditation, song, and sound healing we will offer an opportunity of individual and communal healing. We are limiting each experience to eight people per session so click HERE to reserve your spot.
Sarah Nickerson | sarahpnickerson@gmail.com