Thursday, June 7, 2018
Dear Marine families,

The mission of is to provide support, information, and services to recruit and Marine family members and troops over the course of the life-cycle of your recruit or Marine's career in the Corps.

We have Facebook groups for each state that allow our members to connect and share with other Marine families in their area who are going through the same situations as them. Learn more in our first article.

Also in this newsletter: learn about PTS Awareness Month, meet our featured Team Marine Parent participant and volunteer, get your Marine Corps Marathon bib today, and learn how you can sponsor a Warrior Reintegration Bag.

Thank you for supporting our troops!

God bless and Semper Fi!
Join a Facebook State Group

We have Official groups for all 50 states to give a more regional Place to Connect & Share in a state-specific group for your family members. It's another way to bond with other Marine parents, family and friends. We encourage you to join your state group to meet up with other Marine families in your areas. Semper Family!

We are there for Every Stage

Marine Parents is there for every stage of your Marine/Recruit's career through the Marine Corps. From the early stages as a Poolee and Recruit to transitioning back to civilian life, has an abundance of information to help you on your journey.

June is Post-Traumatic Stress Awareness Month

According to the National Military Family Association, 1 in 5 service members who served in Operations Enduring Freedom and Iraqi Freedom is, has been, or will be affected by Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD). 

Marine Corps Marathon Bibs

This year, 2018, the 43rd Marine Corps Marathon will be held on Sunday, October 28, 2018. As a Marine Corps charity partner, Team Marine Parents™ has registered 50 bibs for the October 28th race.

Team Marine Parents Participant
Christi DeSimone

Christi already has one Marine, her son, and soon a second Marine, which will be her daughter. Christi ran the Marine Corps Marathon last year and dedicated the race to her son. This year, she will dedicate the race to her daughter.

Featured Volunteer
Cindy Darknell

Cindy is a Facebook volunteer in our Poolee group. Cindy feels blessed to be the proud mother of five sons, two married, two finishing high school, one enlisted in the USMC proudly waiting to become a recruit.

Sponsor Warrior Reintegration Bags

The Warrior Reintegration Bag includes a variety of items to accomplish two things: to provide resources to the warrior to aid in recovery, and to provide items to help re-establish their team identity.