A Positive COVID Update for NSW!

Dear ,

You would be aware of the recent announcement, that singing was allowed back in churches. What was not as well publicised was that, effective March 29th, a number of other changes of significance came into effect. In the days leading up to this, we had (again) written to the Minister for Health requesting a number of modifications to the existing plans. A copy of this letter can be found here
Business is still governed by the COVID Safety Plans, however, effective March 29 the number of plans were reduced significantly, with many consolidated into a combined plan. Additionally, these new plans were far more condensed in nature. By way of example, there is now only a single plan (accommodation) and no plan for Caravan Park & Camping Grounds, Dormitory Accommodation etc.
The key points of these new plans are -
  • All aspects of our operations are governed by the 2sqm rule (except for school groups which are still exempt from this rule). 
  • Self Service Buffets are now allowed (that is food service can return to pre COVID style). 
  • There is no longer any reference to beds being 1.5m apart and thus accommodation can be again at full capacity, noting that in NSW, as specified within the Public Health Regulation 2012 – REG 46 Sleeping Accommodation, beds in short term accommodation settings must have 2sqm of space anyway. 
There is still a requirement within the Safety Plans to have high traffic touch points cleaned regularly. 
This is excellent news for NSW, and we now join Victoria, Tasmania and the Northern Territory in welcoming back self-service food offerings.