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God with skin
    by Rhoda Keener

God, you are so much greater than any work we do to serve you.
As we seek to love and care, 
we can only see through a glass darkly,
but we know that someday we will see face to face.
As Mennonite Women USA celebrates 100 years of ministry,
help us remember that what really matters 
in those many years  of women together 
are the times when our hearts were touched 
by the love and compassion of another,
when someone became God with skin on for us;
or when we reached out and became the face and hands of Jesus to another.
Help us remember that together we are stronger than any of us could be alone.
   Thank you, God for these 100 years.  Amen
Rhoda Keener is the Sister Care director for Mennonite Women USA
and has worked for MW USA since the fall of 2000.  She lives in Shippensburg,
Pennsylvania and is a member of Hebron Mennonite Church. 
New Communications Manager!

Mennonite Women USA has a new communications manager. In May, Katie McKinnell joined the MW USA staff
, replacing Dawn Araujo-Hawkins, who resigned in March.   McKinnell is a 2017 graduate of Goshen College , where she studied art and graphic design and attends Assembly Mennonite Church in Goshen, Indiana. While her background is based in the visual arts, McKinnell is looking forward to working in the broader field of communication. "I am excited to a part of a network within the church that focuses on supporting women." McKinnell joins the MW USA team as they prepare to celebrate their centennial year this summer in Orlando.

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This 12-session Bible study helps women recognize the Spirit's gentle nudging-or firm push-so that they can clarify and participate in God's mission for their lives. Author Anna Liechty Sawatzky draws deeply from stories in the Gospels to affirm and challenge women to live out their God-given calling and to empower them to share the good news with others.
Excellent for personal study, women's groups, and retreat settings, this dynamic study published in partnership with Mennonite Women Canada and MennoMedia nurtures the faith of women in new and active ways and encourages women in their Christian walk.

Hot off the Press!  Circles of Sisterhood

Learn about the history of Mennonite women and their organizations in Anita Hooley Yoder's new book, Circles of Sisterhood. The saga of Mennonite women's organizations is a story of struggle and triumph, productivity and misgivings, questions and celebrations. During the twentieth and twenty-first centuries, women's groups have offered Mennonite women a means of serving others by sewing clothing, laboring over quilts, rolling bandages, and packing school kits. Women's groups have also provided Mennonite women the opportunity to test their skills as leaders and give voice to callings they felt in a church that has not always valued their gifts for ministry. 

Gifts to Honor and Remember 

Mennonite Women USA invites persons to share financially to support this ministry. Individuals are invited to  give in honor of or in memory of  significant people in their lives. We recognize each gift that honors or remembers a relationship. These are the gifts that have been given since April 15, 2017.

  • Justina Neufeld in memory of her mother.
  • Kathleen Springer in memory of Hilda and Alma Newcomer.
  • Anna Marie Peterson in memory of Muriel Stackley.
  • Genny Schwartzentruber in honor of Helen Leichty.
  • Jan E Yoder in honor of Carren Okello Ouma.
  • Jeanne Heyerly in memory of Sharon Bontrager.
  • Naomi Bontrager in memory of Ruth Hartman.
  • Wilma Dyck in honor of Paula Dyck and in memory of Agnes Ewert.
  • Esther Heatwole in honor of Carolyn Stutzman.
  • Phyllis Baumgartner in memory of Donita Brookmyer.
  • Joanne Brenneman Speigle in honor of Grace Brenneman.
  • Gail Shetler in honor of Leota Mann.
  • Miriam Zehr in memory of Edith Rohrer.
  • Jocele Meyer in memory of Evelyn Kreider.
  • Esther Martin in memory of Lisa Heft.
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