January 6, 2021

A Prayer For Our Nation

“Lord, help us to be centered during this uncentered time of our nation. We humbly recognize our need for You so we may help to heal hurts & build hope in America. Stir us – with compassion for all Americans, with courage to do right by being right, and conviction of conscience to honor each person with respect & dignity. 
We pray for the leadership of President Trump, President Elect Biden, Vice President Pence, Senate Majority Leader McConnell, Speaker of the House Pelosi, Vice President Elect Harris, and other key leaders in fulfilling their constitutional responsibilities so we may be at our best as a nation.” Amen.

Our Part To Play
Right now is a pivotal time to be an American. Our challenges are monumental, and historically this is when we’ve eventually done our best. When transforming moments are matched with transforming faith, the crisis forces us to do what we need to do and become who we need to be. We are a country who holds ourselves accountable to the highest ideals. Which we never quite fulfill but neither do we let go of the hope. By pursuing this, the American Dream of creating equal opportunities so each person can strive to live their best possible life, we make incredible progress along the way.
We remain a beacon of hope for the world, and to this calling we must be true. I renew myself to this pledge and I pray for you as you do the same. Our nation needs us to be at our best. May we inspire others to be inspired by the United States of America’s motto, IN GOD WE TRUST.
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Trinity Baptist Church