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GRSRS Golden Oldies Sweepstakes
Here's a peek at our October items for the Golden Oldies Sweepstakes! 
If you haven't entered our October's Sweepstakes, visit our website for the current contest! 

1.Quick Drying Spiffy Breathable Dog Collar Size Large 16"-26" that reflects light at night providing safety during night time walks. 

2.Mug with Golden Retriever Picture on it.   

3. Hand Crafted fabric pouch with Dog Treats 
4. Jewellery /Trinket box with Golden Retriever Picture on front.

**All monthly donors are automatically entered in the monthly sweepstakes.

Entering is FREE....
Just email us and let us know your 2 prize choices and contact information! 

Donations for the Senior Goldens are appreciated but not necessary to win.


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A Message from the GRSRS&EC President
(AND an update on MOOSE!)
Dear Golden Friends:

Many people have written us expressing their desire to directly help the Sanctuary Residents, but share that they live too far away or work too many hours to be able to donate their time, energy and dog caring skills, and financial donations are not possible for them at this time.

WE UNDERSTAND COMPLETELY, but here is what YOU CAN DO that will make  a huge difference in our ability to provide all the support services needed for the Sanctuary.

If EACH and EVERY person reading this message takes the time to do the following it will make a critical difference in our ability to have a successful  fund raising event, an event where 100% of the funds generated goes directly to the Sanctuary Resident's care for 2017.

We have over 120 special auction items to offer. It is a great opportunity for people to do their Early Bird Holiday Shopping for family, friends, and pets and at the same time provide the funding for the Sanctuary Residents and their Elderly Sanctuary Companions both small and large.

Please take time and share this critical event information with everyone on your Facebook page, access other Social media outreach resources to members of on line groups,other dog clubs of all breeds, family and friends and ask them to also share the information with all their contacts, not just dog related contacts but everyone. The Auction Items represent a wide spectrum of interests for everyone, men,women, children of all ages, special collectibles for every interest, home decorations and of course animal related items too.

Please help us make this event a success and provide us with the auction event outreach to people both near and far nationwide which will enable us to generate the funding to help all the Sanctuary Golden Oldies in the coming year. (Please also read all rules of the auction.)

Have a great weekend from everyone at GRSRS&EC and the Senior Goldens at the Sanctuary!

Joan Puglia, 
President and Founder

GRSRS Update! Remember back May when we announced a puppy being born at the Sanctuary?
Well MOOSE is growing up and doing GREAT!!!!! 
Again, Moose would like to thank everyone who supported him to make his life possible!!!!

Sky's Helpful Tips 
& Tails
Meet Sky Puglia! Our helpful Tips and Tails editor.
If you have a helpful tip or interesting tail to tell, email Sky at

Soothe a wasp sting in seconds!

A Painful little fact: Wasps become more aggressive in the fall, when their natural food supply starts to dwindle. But the pain and itchiness of a sting can be eased by smoothing on a small amount of Vicks Vapor Rub after removing the stinger by scraping the area with something like a credit card The menthol in the ointment will act as a local anesthetic to reduce pain, plus stimulate temperature-sensitive nerves to produce a cooling sensation that will relieve itchiness.Always be alert to possible dangerous side effects to bee/wasps stings and if you or your dog have had bad reactions before make sure that you carry an Adult Epipen for you on your hikes in the woods or anywhere that might cause you to be delayed in seeking medical care. A few Benadryl pills in your pocket take up little room and are also are helpful in case they are needed by either you or your dog. Check with your Vet as to the Benadryl dosage and to the product you should bring with you IF your dog has had a significant sting reaction before such as an Epipen Jr., but only with your vet's direction to use such a product and his/her guidance. Quick action can save a person or a dog's life when needed during a life threatening reaction and emergency treatment is given promptly. 
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