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Here's a peek at our May items for the Golden Oldies Sweepstakes! 
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May Items:

1. Beautiful and useful blue clutch featuring a silver colored Golden Retriever 

2.A " Top It Off" Navy Port O'Call Hinge Bracelet with
jeweled starfish on it. 

3. A wooden Willow Tree Angel with a Golden Puppy in her arms 

4. The Perfect Apron
with two pockets featuring a Golden and a Red Truck filled with summer vegetables

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A Message from the GRSRS&EC President
Dear Golden Friends:

Through the development of an extensive dog protection network of regional ACOs, Shelters and Veterinarians, DVGRR is constantly providing direct rescue services, in addition to making professional referrals to other animal care resources outside of their direct catchment area. 

This outreach saved a 7-year-old white-faced Golden Girl named "Goldie", brought into a local vet office by a farmer to be euthanized because he was " through wit
h her."  No life!

The Vet contacted DVGRR for rescue services for this Puppy Mill Golden Girl and staff immediately responded, bringing her back to Golden Gateway. She was admitted to the Sanctuary and made comfortable. When next checked there was a puppy by her side. A very, very small puppy...6 ounces. The staff was shocked but quickly sprung into action to provide both of them with the care they needed. They named the puppy Mr. Moose....tiny but tough. It 
was soon confirmed that to have any chance of survival that both of them needed very specialized inpatient care at an Emer gency Veterinarian Hospital. They were quickly transported to such a facility and Mr. Moose was cool to touch and unable to suck. The prognosis is very guarded as he did not have a very nutritious environment in utero and is also probably premature.

No matter what the outcome is for Mr. Moose and his mother they are loved, cared for in all ways possible and prayers are being said for them. 

This is the Lynne Glennon Sanctuary that you support in action...
the staff you applaud... and these efforts, to serve our beloved Goldens whether they are Golden Oldies or Golden Puppies, tug at our hearts. Your donations to GRSRSEC help us to support the many things that keep the Sanctuary going, so that the DVGRR can use funds directly for the care of the dogs.

Mr. Moose and his mother's care will be very costly. Please consider making a donation directly to The CODY FUND at to help in this medical emergency and those that will come in the future.

Recently (Sunday, April 24th) Goldie and Moose were moved back to the Sanctuary from the emergency care facility and the staff is giving them 24-hour direct care and supervision.They are in a special new donated whelping box with Moose also having a donated Stuffed Lamb toy with him. This Lamb toy makes a heartbeat sound and seems to give him great comfort as he snuggles up to it.

Sunday little Moose did better, and is up to 8 ounces on the natural goat milk and honey that he receives every 2 hours around the clock by bottle.
To see daily updates on Baby Moose and his Mother Goldie go to

Special Thanks to all the staff and volunteers who are making such a life saving difference for this little guy and his Mom, and also to the many golden people donating to the Cody Fund.

Have a great week from everyone at GRSRS&EC!

Joan Puglia, 
President and Founder

P.S. In May's Golden Gazette, we announced that our Symbolically Adopted Sanctuary Golden Oldie program will be starting May 1

If you'd like to be a participant with a $25 monthly donation, you'll receive monthly exclusive updates of our sponsored Senior Golden and a Special Arora Stuffed Golden Retriever with Thank You Bandana to display! Remember, people who already have made a monthly commitment will be automatically included in this program! 
The Friends of Guisachen are holding an on line auction on  May 14th to pay for the liability and insurances for the statue of a Golden that has been placed by their  organization in Scotland at the Guisachen castle ruins, the birthplace site of our beloved breed. Visit  their on line web site and Facebook page and learn more about this special memorial that has been developed  there.The 150th Golden Retriever Birthday Celebration will be held there in 2018 and now thanks to this  group and its leader Joy Viola there is a memorial to mark this site for all to see now and in the future. 

Sky's Helpful Tips 
& Tails for May
Meet Sky Puglia! Our helpful Tips and Tails editor.
If you have a helpful tip or interesting tail to tell, email Sky at

1. Paw Pad care and other precautions to use to make the Summer Safe for your dog.

The following is a site for you to go to that has been posted by Homeward Bound Golden Retriever Rescue Program. It has multiple excellent thoughts regarding keeping your dog safe and happy during the summer months and emergency treatments for paw burns and other heat related problems. Well worth printing it out for your own files and sharing it with others.
Have an idea for our Golden Tips & Tails for June?
Contact our President Joan Puglia