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June 2019 
I'm sure many of you are aware of some or all of the multiple initiatives we are working on--piloting the new PATH Intl. Certified Therapeutic Riding Instructor (CTRI) certification, creating a new instructor education guide as well as test preparation materials, researching and acquiring new member benefits, developing a new membership system to coincide with separating the membership requirement from the new CTRI certification, launching a new database, working with data and multiple perspectives/representatives on baseline definitions for EAAT, piloting a new training of research-based curriculum for EAT and Veterans with PTSD symptoms, and launching a new strategic planning process. All while keeping the day-to-day operations in motion.

While working on all these initiatives and during the development of next year's budget, it became very clear to us that the focus of PATH Intl. continues to evolve. In particular, by pursuing independent accreditation of the CTRI certification and separating the membership requirement from credentialing, we have become an organization with two distinct pillars of concentration--credentialing and membership. One might argue that we have always been a membership organization that certifies and accredits. However, history demonstrates that a great deal of emphasis and resources have been placed on certification and accreditation. Membership itself was not necessarily given the same prominence or attention.

During strategic planning (which was informed by data from the membership survey), I was pleased to see membership getting as much attention as credentialing. The survey informed us of what is important to you and what you, the member, want to see PATH Intl. focus on and do on behalf of and for the members. Some of the results will come in the form of new member benefits. Some will focus on raising awareness and really moving the dial for EAAT as well as the PATH Intl. brand--for the credentials and the centers. Some will center on credibility and impact for you and the field. And some directives will look at ways PATH Intl. can assist with center and career sustainability. All of this will be through the filter of a member-centric culture. This is not instead of focusing on credentialing. It is in tandem, ensuring that both pillars get the same amount of attention and resources for your benefit as well as the entire EAAT field.

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