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Events Update
August 2019

A.R.E. Summer Seabeck Retreat
July 3 - 7, 2019
was a hit by all reports.
Keep checking future e-updates for what's in store in 2020.
Fall Programs
November 2, 2019
 Richland, WA
Soul Lessons, Soul Patterns
with Peter Woodbury

Awakening to Past Lives, Future Lives,
and Life between Lives
This stand-alone program builds on
Peter's previous program, "Many Lives, One Source."
Peter Woodbury will guide you on a true
journey of the soul.
You’ll leave with a greater understanding
of your soul purpose and the limitless potential
of your incarnation in this lifetime!
With practical insight, deep knowledge, and humor,
Peter will help you explore the possibility of
future life contact as Cayce himself did in his dreams.
You’ll learn about the Cayce information on the nature of the soul and the various levels of consciousness
 beyond the third dimension and even
 travel to the Akashic “Hall of Records” and
 glimpse the record of your own soul’s journey!
Tap into past, present, and future lives that are having
a major impact upon your soul development!
Don’t miss this insightful, life-changing event—exploring your own unique soul self and learning how you can
apply spiritual principles in the earth, raising your consciousness in the process.
Comments from Peter's other programs: 

" Peter is such a good, relaxed speaker. He truly makes you feel comfortable in every way. He doesn't make any question seem ridiculous. He comes across as very non-judgmental. Just all in all, he is a very good teacher, soul, spirit, and person. Thank you, Peter, for being who you are."       B.W., Roanoke, VA
"I enjoyed Peter's kindness and his genuine desire to share the information he has. He has a professional and warm presentation. Wonderful sense of humor!"      J.M., Brooklyn, NY

For more information
This is an
 A.R. E. Headquarters Sponsored Program
November 3, 2019
 Seattle, WA
Many Lives, One Source, Understanding Reincarnation, Karma, Grace & YOUR Place in the Divine Plan
with Peter Woodbury

This program will be held at
East West Bookshop
6407 12th Avenue NE
Seattle WA 98115
1 - 4 pm

 During this experience of self-exploration and personal enlightenment, you will gain first-hand experience of accessing the deeper recesses of your mind and consciousness—the very realm in which past-life memories and your soul’s connection to the Divine exist. Through a regression and self-guided imagery during this three-hour Edgar Cayce-focused workshop
you will learn:

       How souls were created and came to inhabit the earth

       The school of earth: karma and grace 
      The grand plan of “returning to Oneness”

       AND your place in the grand scheme

You will experience a special group hypnotic regression with emphasis on reaching the life-between-lives state
and contact with your personal guides!
Plus, you will have the opportunity to:

  Understand the process of hypnosis and past-life
regression and how it can be used for healing and
self -awareness—even if you don’t believe
in reincarnation!

 Clarify personal ideals and align your spiritual
intent with the pathway for your soul’s
journey to wholeness.

  Explore the Cayce information on the nature
of the soul and the various levels of consciousness
beyond the third dimension.

  Have a personal experience channeling your
Higher Self for guidance, soul healing, and an
awareness of your divine connection.

  Travel to the Akashic “Hall of Records” and
glimpse the record of your own soul’s journey.

  Tap into past lives that are having a major impact upon the present.
You’ll leave with a greater understanding of your soul purpose and the limitless potential of your incarnation in this lifetime!

Peter Woodbury, MSW, psychotherapist, hypnotherapist, and past life regressionist, will explain the Universal Laws and how they apply to you.

Peter will lead a past life regression taking you to the
life-between-lives state to commune with your
personal guides and council.

 You won’t want to miss this experience with this illuminating teacher and instructor of the
A.R.E. annual Past Life Regression Certification Program.

To Register
Go to East West Bookshop
You can read
Peter Woodbury's biography
Private Sessions with Peter Woodbury

Peter Woodbury will be staying on in Seattle after the program. He will be conducting private sessions in Past Life Regression & Soul Contact. You can visit his website peterwoodbury.com and go to products and services – recommended listening - and hear a 30-minute interview on the nature of his work.

Read more about Peter's private sessions here .

Monthly DVD Viewings

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Edgar Cayce DVD Viewing
Kent, WA

There will not be a DVD program in August

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