Academy A.R.T.S. News
Vol. 26 No. 2
Fall Masquerade Fun
Downstairs A.R.T.S.
November in Downstairs A.R.T.S.

It is hard to believe it is November already! The children have done a wonderful job of learning our routines and getting comfortable in our classroom. We have a really terrific group!

We will begin November with our “Zoo Crew” theme. Our artwork will definitely reflect our theme with projects like puffy polar bears and a process art lion’s mane and there just may be a turkey or two as well! 

We have new songs and dances planned with titles like “Carnival of Animals”, Barnyard Dance”, and “The Turkey Ran Away” just to name a few. All of our puzzles and shelf work will be changing to reflect zoo animals, too. 

We will end November with a special sensory project using cinnamon scented play dough. Each child will have their own individual portion of play dough that they will bring home at the end of the day. It will be a great way to get our senses ready for all the wonderful holiday delights coming up! 

We look forward to chatting with you during conferences and wish all of our families a safe and restful Thanksgiving. We are certainly thankful for you!
~ Maureen Fahey

Greetings Downstairs A.R.T.S. parents, the year is off to a great start!

It's hard to believe it is November already! This year Mo is teaching the Montessori practical life projects each Wednesday and Thursday.

These past two months your children have been very busy! During our ”All About Me” unit we worked with emotion cards that show pictures of children with happy, sad, angry and surprised expressions on their faces. We had some fun making these faces in the mirror too! We’ve practiced sweeping fall leaves and worked on zipping and buttoning in preparation for wearing our cold weather coats! We’ve practiced carefully pouring beans from one vessel to another and explored the different textures and seeds of corn and pumpkins during our “Harvest” unit. 

November will continue to be another busy and fun filled month for us with our “Zoo Crew Unit.” We will again practice pouring but this time we will use water. This is in preparation for the animal scrub activity where the children will take turns scrubbing toy animals with soap and a brush and then pouring water to rinse the animal. It is always a favorite!

We will finish November learning to set the table just in time to help at home for Thanksgiving dinner!

We have so many exciting activities planned for your children this year in Downstairs A.R.T.S. Montessori!
~ Maureen Fahey
Upstairs A.R.T.S.
November in Upstairs A.R.T.S.

Well, Parents, October is over, Winter is upon us (already!), and we are heading into the holiday season. We ended October with a week full of Halloween-themed fun - hope you caught our parades and our singing/rhyming activities. We really enjoyed learning those!
In October we focused on other people - not just in terms of appearances, but also in terms of cultural backgrounds and physical abilities. We talked about treating everybody with respect, about having equal rights regardless of who you are, and about the fact that we cannot say anything about a person's character simply from what they look like. We also discussed inclusivity at both a societal level, and a more personal preschool level, and in both cases we concluded that everybody is welcome. This, of course, is a recurring theme in preschool life, one which we will repeat and continue to reinforce throughout the year. As the children are getting to know each other better, they are starting to form new bonds, which sometimes need a little help to focus on the positive aspects of friendship rather than the more exclusive behavior that can result from wanting to strengthen their newfound relationships. 
Also, in October, we started using our voices differently in Music class. We have worked on rhythm and percussion, practiced adagio, moderato, and allegro; and recently we have been doing different voice activities: singing forte and pianissimo, as well as starting to practice a little solo singing. This is not so much to show off to each other or the teachers, but to prove to ourselves that we can do it, and it is a great tool for learning to use our voices with discipline. We also practice listening, as learning to tune into the voices around us is an important part of singing together - and being together. 
In art, we continue to produce great and fun pieces: some we finish in one class, while others we work on for weeks as they require more one-on-one assistance. Most of our work will go into a winter exhibition, so while it will be some time before you get to see it up close, all the work will eventually make its way home. 
In November, the new theme is "Different Places." The places we will visit, each have a November celebration that has absolutely nothing to do with Thanksgiving. First, we will head north to Canada, where we will explore both ice and fire, Inuit and European culture; then we will go to Belgium to discover that sometimes great beauty and community can come from devastating ruin; and our final stop will be Japan, where we will celebrate children and learn about luck and longevity. After our quick world tour, we will come back to some American Thanksgiving to discuss what we are thankful for. 
At the end of November, you have the opportunity to attend parent-teacher conferences. Friday, Monday, and Tuesday before the Thanksgiving break, we will have Upstairs Zoom conferences, and this year, we will offer time slots during the evening. This means there will be regular preschool classes on these days. You will be able to sign up for conferences via a SignUpGenius link, which will be sent to you separately. Upstairs parents will meet with Melissa and Anja. 
As mentioned in the October newsletter, we would like to invite you (or another adult in your child’s life) to be a Mystery Reader via Zoom. Please reach out to me at if you would like to set up a time to read to us.
~ Anja Riis Wachter
More Fall Masquerade Photos
photo by Marcela Rafea
photo by Marcela Rafea
photo by Marcela Rafea
Photos not identified - by Audrey Deziel, Mauren Fahey, Anja Riis Wachter, Mark Anderson, Melissa Taub