Addressing the Needs of 
Ugandan Street Children 
and Their Community
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Dear Friends,

As I reflect on my recent visit with the children and staff of Jajja's Kids, I am profoundly grateful for the chance to do this work. Spending time in Uganda expands my awareness of the extreme challenges facing most of humanity every day.

Those of us born into a relatively stable family environment find it hard to comprehend the experience of a child living on their own, with their only teacher being life on the street.  Jajja's Kids, through the steady vision and big heart of Ronnie Sseruyange, has changed children's lives by providing stability, security, formal education and the opportunity to thrive.  This program's positive impact is felt not only by the children in our home, but also by the families and community of which they are a part.  

Help keep this vision growing and our program strong!  
Join us at our Annual Fall Event 
and help raise funds for a permanent home 

Take advantage of the special opportunity to meet with Ronnie, the remarkable man who rose above the challenges life presented to him and now guides other young children to do the same.  Hear stories that underscore the importance of giving a helping hand to those less fortunate than ourselves.

Ronnie's three weeks in the U.S. will include visits to schools, churches and other community groups to share his heart-warming stories of hope and survival.  With a few slots left in his schedule, please contact us if you would also like to host Ronnie for a visit to your home or group.  I'm sure you will find it rewarding. 

As always, all of us involved with Jajja's Kids are forever grateful for your generous support that allows our children to thrive and our program to continue.  Thank you for being part of our success!
           With gratitude,

        Diane Reiner


Enjoying Photos from America

Dancing Joy


Please Join Us
Sunday, September 24 
2 to 6 pm
Revolution Hall, Troy NY.  

Help us build an exciting new life for Jajja's Kids,  and enjoy: 
  • A fun-filled afternoon with touches of Africa,
  • Friends old and new,
  • Delicious food at a great venue,
  • And special guest Ronnie Sseruyange, director of Jajja's Kids-Africa!

Help launch our campaign 
create a permanent home for Jajja's Kids! 

Every dollar you give
helps these special children
have a better tomorrow!


As always, we thank you for your caring and support.  Jajja's Kids could not be where it is today without the dedication and commitment of our many donors, sponsors and volunteers. 

Our words are small, but heart-felt:

Jajja's Kids, Inc. is a 501(c)3 nonprofit organization

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