December 2018, Issue 3

WAV Group Newsletter
By Victor Lund

The Keller Williams pivot is beginning to make sense to me. At a time when many franchise companies are focused on systems integration, KW is trying to become a systems developer of bespoke software.
By Kevin Hawkins

My top favorite pastime is being a professional mentor of high school robotics team where I live, just a short ferry ride from downtown Seattle on Bainbridge Island. It’s a FIRST Robotics Team (4915 Spartronics) that I helped found six years ago. I’m the lead marketing mentor.
By David Gumpper

It’s that time of year again to reflect on all that has happened, as well as, look forward to next year’s opportunities. My reflection is full of interesting events and outcomes, with a surplus of stories bounded from personal and professional experiences.
By Marilyn Wilson

There isn’t a company in real estate that does not believe that it pays attention to the needs of its customers. We all want to think that every one of our customers would give us a 5-star rating, but we know deep down inside that is not the case. Because we interact with our customers every day, we do have some sense of what they are looking for. Here’s the problem though…