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Winter 2022

2021: A Record Setting Year

In addition to observing our 20th Anniversary, we hit numerous other milestones in 2021. From performing our 200,000th surgery, to helping a record setting 952 feral/community cats, it really was an amazing year.

Read on to see the incredible impact you are helping us make.

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Wally was lucky # 200,000. His humans said they consider neutering critical.

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World Spay Day

Tuesday, February 22 marks the 38th year animal welfare advocates will celebrate spay day. Speaking of "marking", that is just one annoying behavior that may never start if your dog or cat is spayed at a young age.

Do you know the most common benefits of this common surgery?

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Winter Warnings

Each season presents different hazards for our pets. It is our job to be aware and protect our furry family members.

The number one issue facing West Michigan pets is exposure to the weather. If it is too cold for you to be outside for long, then it is also too cold for them.

There are other dangers you may not have thought about....

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BISSELL Pet Foundation

Meet Tammy the Cat

Our surgical fees are already priced well below industry average. Still, there are animal caretakers in our community who need even more financial assistance to ensure their dog or cat never has an unplanned litter. This is where generous individuals and organizations like BISSELL Pet Foundation come in.

Tammy was one of the first cats helped by BPF this year and she is quite the character...

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