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New MBTA South Shore Commuter Guide 
The MBTA has a new webpage dedicated to the Red Line from Andrew Station to Braintree!

Visit this page for information on what’s happening at each station. 
Wollaston Scheduled to Open in August
Wollaston Station is on schedule to open in August. The new ADA accessible station will include elevators, escalators, bathrooms, modern safety and security features, and energy efficient lighting.

Shuttle service: Until train service resumes, shuttle service from Wollaston to North Quincy and Quincy Center will continue. Currently, 7 shuttles are running at 5 to 7 minute intervals at peak time, and four buses are running at off-peak time.

Click here for more on the Wollaston Station improvements.
North Quincy Transit-oriented Development Project Underway
Construction of the transit-oriented development project at North Quincy is underway.

Click here for more on this project.
North Quincy & Wollaston Parking
Parking at North Quincy has been displaced due to the construction of a transit-oriented development project. As a result, the total number of spaces available at North Quincy has been reduced to approximately 600 spots. On weekdays, the Hancock St. lot has typically been filling up around 7:30 A.M., and the Newport Ave. lot has typically been filling up by 8:00 A.M.

The MBTA continues to encourage riders to utilize the parking lot at Wollaston Station, which is still only 30 to 40 percent full each weekday. Riders can park at Wollaston for $2 and access the free shuttle service to North Quincy and Quincy Center. Alternatively, riders can also park at Braintree or Quincy Adams and access train service from there.

The MBTA will continue to monitor parking capacity at all Red Line stations to assess whether or not additional mitigation is needed. 
Quincy Center Improvements
The structural safety improvements and repairs to pedestrian walkways at Quincy Center are expected to be completed by the end of April. Additionally, the Busway has been restored to its original location in front of the station.

Click here for more information on the project and up-to-date hours of operation.
Bus Route 238 Temporary Detour 
The Busway at Quincy Adams will be closed for construction from April 1 through November 2019. This closure will impact the 238 bus, both inbound and outbound, and a temporary detour will be implemented during this time.

Two bus stops, Liberty @ Water and Liberty @ Penn, will be closed until November. Additionally, the bus pick-up/ drop-off location at Quincy Adams for this bus route will be moved to Independence Ave. Riders can make connections in both directions at the following stops: Franklin @ Water, Independence @ Verchild, and Centre @ Liberty.

Click here for more information on the 238 temporary detour. 
Fare Increases Expected in July
Last month, the Fiscal Management Control Board approved MBTA fare increases that will take effect on July 1. Here are a few of the most common passes and expected increases.

Fares will not increase for seniors, students, and TAP card holders who currently pay a reduced fare. Prices will also remain the same for one-way and monthly bus passes.

Click here for a full list of fare increases.
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