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Dear Friends,
As a regular Red Line commuter, I know firsthand how frustrating the commute has been the last couple of weeks. Over the years, I’ve been vocal about increasing funding for a safe, reliable and modern MBTA. Hopefully, the recent derailment now highlights for all in government the need for greater investment in our entire transportation system.

Recently, I spoke with the Boston Globe about the derailment, and shared some thoughts with Andy Metzger from CommonWealth Magazine on what the MBTA must do in the coming weeks to keep riders informed about expected delays. 

Like you, I am frustrated with the lack of communication about what to expect in the coming weeks, and expressed that directly to the MBTA General Manager this week. For those of us who rely on the Red Line daily, we must be able to get to work and home again reliably and safely, and we cannot do that if we don’t know what to expect on our commute. The MBTA has created a web-page specifically designed to track restoration progress. As repairs continue, you can follow progress there as well as through these Red Line Updates. I will continue to push the MBTA to keep their webpage updated, and to inform riders about expected delays via social media and other news outlets.

As always, please reach out to my office if there are any immediate concerns. In the meantime, here are a few updates regarding Wollaston Station, North Quincy Station, and Commuter Rail alternatives. 

Thank you for the honor of serving,

John Keenan
Commuter Rail Alternative
Many of you have reached out to the office about using the Commuter Rail as an alternative to the Red Line while restorations are being made. We know the Commuter Rail is a viable option for many in our district, and we have been pushing the MBTA to make discounted service available since construction at Wollaston Station began.

After talks with the MBTA, they have agreed to continue this alternative between Quincy Center and South Station. Until the North Quincy Garage is completed and more parking is restored, commuters will be able to show their Charlie Card for Commuter Rail service between South Station and Quincy Center. 
North Quincy Station
In July, we will be moving into the next phase of construction for the North Quincy Garage and Development project. Pedestrian, car, and bus/shuttle access from Hancock Street will be maintained throughout this phase but slightly adjusted. Be on the lookout for signs directing traffic for drop-off/ pick-up and for parking.

Visit the project website for more information. 
Wollaston to Reopen in August
Wollaston Station, newly reconstructed and ADA accessible, is on schedule to reopen in late August. We will keep you posted with specific opening dates and parking changes. Visit the project website for more information. 

Also, a special thank you to those who have served on the Wollaston Station Citizens' Advisory Committee (CAC). Your time, energy and insight have been invaluable!

July Fare Changes
As a reminder, fare increases will go into effect on July 1st. Fares will not increase for seniors, students, and TAP card holders who currently pay a reduced fare. Prices will also remain the same for one-way and monthly bus passes.

Click here for a full list of fare changes.
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Most importantly, I am here to address your individual issues and concerns, working always to make state government more responsive to those it serves.

Thank you again for staying involved and active. Working together, we will keep Massachusetts moving forward!

Senator John F. Keenan
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