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HYC would like to take a moment to reflect on a year of progress and success! We can’t thank our supporters enough for the work we do together to improve the lives of at-risk children, youth, individuals, and families! Through our partnerships, contributors, volunteers, and supporters, HYC has been able to serve more than 5,000 clients with counseling, education and family support services. Helping our families get back on track to a bright future is not possible without the support from all of you! We are immensely thankful and honored to have your partnership in this very important work. We would like to share these stories with you on the impact you make when you donate to HYC!
Mental Health Services Program
Mario (name changed) is a 15-year-old client in Wraparound, a program in our Mental Health Services Department, who was removed from his family home for parental neglect and physical abuse along with witnessing domestic violence in the home. Mario had a history of missing school, which severely impacted his grades. Mario and his siblings were living with their stepfather and began treatment services with HYC. After treatment, Mario was reunified with his mother and began attending school on a regular basis. During treatment, Mario expressed a feeling of being “abandoned” when he was removed from his mother’s care. His story is one of great success, since he has been able to be reunified with his mom.

Even though there has been much progress, there are still many more triumphs for Mario and his family to make. After a recent psychiatric hospitalization and clinical diagnosis of autism, intensive mental health treatment plans were put into place. HYC’s hardworking Wraparound team continues to work with Mario and his family, providing intense treatment along with linkages to resources to make further progress toward a healthy and happy future. Our team is dedicated to a successful outcome for Mario. 
Substance Use Education and Treatment Program
Jaylene (name changed) is a 16-year-old female client from our Substance Use Education and Treatment Program. She was referred to HYC from a local high school due to use of a mood-altering substance triggered by interpersonal and environmental influences. Throughout treatment, Jaylene was able to slowly reduce her substance use intake until full abstinence was achieved. Jaylene made great progress and demonstrated much improvement in her recovery. She remained drug-free and participated in all required program activities with a positive attitude. Jaylene will continue to work with HYC counselors to work on triggering issues that lead to substance use in the first place. She will continue to work on interpersonal relationships with family and receive anger management and therapy sessions to achieve personal growth and learn coping skills that she can use throughout her life.   
Homeless Services Program
Eva (name changed) is a 65‐year‐old Hispanic female with chronic health conditions who was homeless in the city of Huntington Park. Her homelessness began when her 25‐year‐old son came to visit her and got into an altercation with the security guard. Because of this incident, Eva was served with a three‐day notice to vacate. Having nowhere to go, she turned to the streets. She slept in parks in Huntington Park while searching for a place to rent. Due to her limited SSI income, she found it extremely difficult to find a decent place. HYC Homeless Services Program staff encountered Eva during street outreach in Huntington Park. She was receptive to receiving services. HYC staff made a referral to Bell Shelter and she was accepted.

After leaving the shelter, HYC helped Eva secure a permanent one‐bedroom apartment in Los Angeles, including assisting her with the security deposit and basic household necessities. Eva is very grateful to HYC and looks forward to enjoying her life in her new apartment without worrying about where she is going to find safety and shelter each night.
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