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The Value of Customer Support...and saying sayonara to Linda Merrell

For the past 26 years Taiyo America has created one of the strongest brands in the North American PCB market place. We have done this by providing excellent products, technical/sales service and customer service. Providing an outstanding product will not get it done all by itself in this marketplace. The customer expects excellent customer support from not only the technical side but from the customer experience side, from placing the order to receiving the order.

As we all know customer service is all about people, people working with people, and Taiyo America's customer service team is no different; Linda Merrell and Sonja Crim have been with Taiyo America for 22 and 21 year respectively getting to know the customer and understanding their habits. The feedback from our customers on surveys has been outstanding and they are an important part as to why we have retained our customer base and built such a strong business in North America. As the marketplace changes, there continues to be an emphasis on the customer experience and Taiyo America will always support our customer base.
Linda Merrell

Sonja Crim

It comes with mixed emotions to have to say goodbye to Linda Merrell as she has decided to retire from Taiyo America and become a full time grandmother, great grandmother, mother, aunt, world traveler, etc. I think you get my point. Linda started with Taiyo America when we were just a warehouse supplying products from Japan and she has seen us evolve into a full production site that now supplies products to all parts of the world. She has helped develop a foundation of excellent customer service support that has helped define Taiyo as Your Ultimate Solution. I have many fond memories of Linda but I will always remember her as our customer service representative who was on the phone with customers talking to them as though they were family members, talking about kids and grandkids; it was always a family affair in the customer service office. Many thanks Linda and I hope you enjoy your retirement as much as it seemed you enjoyed working at Taiyo America.

I welcome all of you to give Linda a call and wish her the best as she embarks on a more enjoyable time in her life with her family and friends, you can contact her at (775) 885-9959 x 103. Be sure to catch her before her farewell on October 5th!
Ahh, the MCA!

I've participated in the MCA (Midwest Circuits Association) for many years.  Without question my favorite part of the MCA has always been the annual golf tournament.   
Left to Right:  
Nick Nagan (TTM), Doyle Laudal (TTM), Steve Billiet (TTM), & Donnie Monn (Taiyo America)

Donnie Monn
 Business Development &
European Sales Manager
ph: 651.491.4199

Talking with Alpha Circuit's GM Steve Ryan

There are some board fabricators who are just plain solid. They do their job and they do it well. Their entire focus is on the customer and meeting their customers' needs.  Alpha Circuit of Elmhurst, Illinois is one of those companies. I rank great customer service as the number one characteristic that any company can have so I love talking with companies who have it. That's why I was pleased when Alpha Circuit's General Manager Steve Ryan agreed to talk to me this week.  Read on and enjoy...

For more information about Alpha Circuit Corporation go to  http://www.alphacircuit.com/

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