What Was Big in Group Benefits in 2015
two and what to expect in 2016

The year 2015 is slowly fading in the rear view mirror. The fresh new year of 2016 is ahead. I think we can call 2015 The Year of the Drug.
That may be a suitable name for 2016 as well. However, drugs weren't the only topic of conversation.

We'll cover these topics:
  • Biologics and specialty medications
  • Extended health care costs
  • ASSOCIUM Benefits news
Random Act of Kindness
ASSOCIUM donated items and cash
to create 36 Giving Bags.
Random Act of Kindness (RAK Day) for many regions in our member base was marked on Friday, November 6th. In support of our members, and respect for a wonderful initiative, ASSOCIUM donated items and cash to create 36 'Giving Bags'. The ASSOCIUM GAIN team took those bags into downtown Toronto and randomly gave them out to those in need.

The bags included items such as toiletries, granola bars, socks, and blankets. They were graciously received by many, and our team walked away with the warm and fuzzies knowing we gave kindness to random strangers who did not expect to receive, and who were not asked for anything in return. We were able to see firsthand some of the various real people our members strive each and every day to assist.

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Well Founded HR Practices Begin With Effective Recruitment
HR Sound basic HR practices are essential to effective employment relationships

Building a team, be it a business team or a sports team, requires the ability to select players who have the qualifications AND can blend well with the rest of the team. Yet, so many organizations treat recruitment as a third rate activity and then wonder why they have productivity and/or employee problems.

Following basic HR practices need not be complicated or expensive:
  • Written employment policies
  • Established compensation and benefits practices
  • Proper recruiting and selection processes
  • Basic performance management processes
  • Managers who are trained to manage people
  • Communication
pillarsTaxability of Your Employee Benefit Plan

Each year as employers complete T4s for their employees, we are asked about the taxability of the various benefits in their group benefits plan.

When setting up a group benefits plan, it is important for employers to understand the manner in which this affects employee payroll deductions.

The following explanation is offered to help you understand this area of the employee Group Benefit Program in Ontario. However, it should be noted that we do suggest you consult your accountant on all important taxation issues.

We'll cover:
  • Group Life Insurance
  • Dependent Life
  • Health, Dental, Vision Care and Health Care Spending Account
  • Short and Long Term Disability
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