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Happy New Year to one and all!
Your community, business, & smiles are all much appreciated! THANK YOU!

Remembering that these strange times are inevitably finite softens the rough edges for us, and we hope for you as well.

2021almanacs and calendars remain in the shop, come purchase yours, so you'll be in the know about the Moon and Stars and Planets!

Fingers crossed that upcoming surprises at your shop will be well received this early spring!

Please read on for FREE metaphysical information on Imbolc/Brigid's Day + Ritual: Saying Goodbye to 2020!

440 N. College
Fayetteville, AR 72701

OPEN: Wednesday thru Saturday 12PM - 6PM
CLOSED: Sunday thru Tuesday
Numerology and Tarot Readings with red star!
~Precautions in Place~
MOST Saturdays, 12:00 PM - 5:30 PM
20-minute minimum, $1/minute
Let's keep in mind these COVID Times are finite. This shall pass. We GOT this. Your shop's Covid Time protocol remains steadfast:

  • Use lots of hand sanitizer upon entry, and after touching your phone, it's available in both rooms.
  • Physically distance from people not in your household.
  • Stay with children when you must bring them to the shop.
  • Please know we try our best to keep 8 or fewer patrons in the shop at one time.
  • Masks required, cover nose & mouth.
  • Please try to limit your shopping time to 15 minutes or less when other community members are waiting outside.

YOU make The Four of Wands! Let's all work to keep our community safe and healthy!
Personal Consultations
Do you have questions about covens, craft-work, candle, or spell-work which are difficult to address privately during shop hours? Confidential consultations with possible workings done for you are available. Call 479-935-3339 during shop hours or stop in at the register and schedule an appointment. (Minimum of 9 minutes, $1/minute.)
Free Metaphysical Information!

Free Correspondences for Imbolc, Brigid's Feast, Brid's Day
February 1st & 2nd
in the Northern Hemisphere

How do you say the name Brigid?
It's pronounced “Breej,” or in some parts of Ireland, closer to “Breeds.” In contemporary Irish spelling, it's spelled Bríd. Around here we say Brigid, sounds like Brigit.

Brigid is the Goddess of Healing, Inspiration, Poetry, The Arts, Fire, Childbirth, The Hearth, & Smithcraft. To learn more click here.

Colors: Green, Pink, White, and Yellow

Moon Phase: Waxing

Elements: Fire of the smithery, Water of sacred wells and springs.

Solar System: The Moon and The Sun

Trees: Blackthorn, Cedar, Rowan, and Sycamore

Symbols: The Anvil, Healing Springs, The Arts, Singing, Lamb & Sheep, Grains, Snake, The Sword, Fire and Flame, Triple Goddess Figures, Candles, Equal Four-Armed Cross (for how to make one click here).

Plants: Grains, Grasses & Reeds, Blackberry, Snowdrops

Foods: Dairy, Blackberry

Gemstones: Amethyst and Turquoise

Animals: Groundhog (get it?), Sheep/Lamb, Snake, Hare

Click here for a Brigid Chant that's also a beautiful and easy Round by Anne Hill
Meditation: Four-Fold Breathing

This will help center and ground you before moving on to a longer meditation, sacred circle, or working. Read all the way through once before trying.

1) Make certain you won't be disturbed.
2) Sit or rest lying down with pillows for support.
3) Begin to notice your breath.
4) Exhale to the count of four - always begin with your exhale.
5) Hold before inhaling to the count of four.
6) Inhale to the count of four.
7) Hold before exhaling to the count of four.
8) Repeat steps 4 through 7 three more times.

Thank you for reading and staying in touch with The Four of Wands! We appreciate your business and especially you!

We look forward to serving you soon.


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