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Remember when those first back-to-school commercials would roll in? They always started somewhere around the middle of August, but as time went on it seemed like they were coming earlier and earlier. While watching your favorite television show, a department store advertisement would slip in, promising to have the lowest prices and the best clothes. Your eyes widened and you quickly changed the channel unwilling to believe that this time had already come. You didn't dare go shopping with your mom, in fear of walking past that infamous school supply aisle. Avoiding those hints at the end of summer was easy for a little while, till the sun started to set earlier, and the night air got a bit cooler.

As the summer of 2013 comes to an end, there are also so many new beginnings. The struggling student has a chance to start fresh; the stay at home mom gets some alone time and a teacher gets yet another opportunity to positively impact a child's life. The end of one period gives us all the opportunity to achieve a goal or start anew. A new season can be the spark that inspires a change in all of us.

Autumn has always been perceived as a season of balance and new beginnings. Autumn is the only time of year in which day and night are of nearly equal length; bringing a sort of balance to the world around us.

Balance plays an important role in the Everybody Paddles mission, just as it does in life. The changing seasons remind us that getting back to work is necessary for us to also enjoy those long awaited summer vacations. As we all prepare to put away our beach attire, and bring out our jackets, we're reminded that changing seasons are an integral part of our lives.

Entering this new season, which ushers in the holiday months and the end of the year, is a great time to reflect on our personal goals. We are always constantly striving towards something, be it big or small. Have you accomplished that goal you set before summer? Did you manage to avoid procrastinating about that project you had to complete? We aren't always steadfast towards plans that we make to better ourselves. Use this changing season to actively work towards your goals, and allow the falling leaves to be a metaphor for you, leaving anything that may have negatively affected you behind.  


Welcome autumn with open arms, joyfully entering this new season and most of all a new starting point towards your dreams.



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