Those of you who have followed my nation-wide promotion of Southern Heritage for the past nearly two decades know that starting in 2006 I began doing almost all of my work OUTSIDE of the SCV. And I'm going to say something that will offend hundreds of our readers, but that thousands of you will know is 100% true: the decision to work OUTSIDE the SCV is the BEST decision I ever made! 

Why? Because anyone who has ever tried to actively promote Southern culture and heritage within the SCV knows that they were opposed more violently by the so-called "brethren" than by the people who they thought were the actual enemies of our culture and heritage. 

The Apostle Paul laments the same problem, "in perils among false brethren" (I Corinthians 11:26). 

President Trump has been receiving more opposition from the Republicans than from the Democrats - just look at Paul Ryan's attempt this week to derail the President's promise to repeal ObamaCare by introducing a House bill that isn't just a continuation of ObamaCare - but WORSE!

Mark Vogl, a former Heritage Defense Officer for the SCV,  knows  better than most how hard it can be to promote our heritage within one of our largest heritage organizations. We will lead this week's issue with his appeal to all Southern patriots:


Ok, I am going to try again.  Before I do, I want to say this is NOT an attack on the Sons of Confederate Veterans, the United Daughters of the Confederacy, or the Order of the Confederate Rose.  It is an observation, after watching the Culture War which is occurring within the United States of America. 
The attack on the South, and in fact the attack on America's heritage is a political fight.  I cannot say the same people who are attacking Confederate monuments, the Confederate battle flag, Confederate veterans headstones, or Southern culture and history are the same people attacking George Washington, Thomas Jefferson, the Constitution, and American history.  If I were to make a guess I would say they are,.  But the bottom line is, that attack is not just in the news papers or history classrooms.  This attack is in the street, in the state houses, and Congress...this is a political attack.
I spent 19 years in the Sons of Confederate Veterans and rose to the position of Texas Heritage Defense Officer, the 1st Lt. Commander.  I was suspended from the Sons of Confederate Veterans when I attempted to lay out a plan to fight the Culture War.  Simply put, they (the powers that be and some members of the SCV) do not want to fight the Culture war.  They simply say we will lose our not for profit status if we do "political" things.  I think they are wrong, but they threw me doesn't really matter what I say with respect to the SCV.
However, it is clear that the South has been under attack.  Monuments are being taken down, roads and schools renamed, Southern articles defamed.  And the Courts are not our friends.  How much money has been thrown at the Courts ...and then we lost.
It is an honor to be sending this through the Dixie Heritage Newsletter because I want to be a part of, to help start, a Pro Southern political organization.  I want it to accept the Charge given to the Sons of Confederate Veterans, which they have abandoned, and 'VINDICATE the Cause.  I want to work for the long term.  I want to develop a Pro South Culture and History agenda.  I want to develop an organization that is active in the states and territory of the Confederate States of America. 
I want this organization to be grounded in the values and principles of the traditional South.  Christianity would be its core.  Orthodox Christianity that accepts the Word as the Word of God.  I want it to be a political organization that embraces the Confederate Constitution ...but rejects slavery as a sin against God.  Faculty at the University of Texas A & M developed a formula to estimate the number of descendants of the Southern Confederacy.  Their formula predicts there are 80 million descendants.  That is a huge number.  Imagine tapping into that audience?
This organization SHOULD NOT require a genealogical proof, and it should not be predominantly white.  It should allow all people who live in Southern states and want to engage in the Culture War to protect Southern history, heritage, and our legacy.  This is a group that would be political.  It would not be the Southern National Congress.  I attended that one year and found it to be a place for people to promote their own view - which might or might not be reflective of the South today.
Further this organization should not be an attack organization against Lincoln, or the North. It should promote the great values, contributions, and glory of God through the South.  It should be family friendly.  It should understand that economics and commercializing Southern Culture is a means of gaining ground in the Culture War.
I am sure this letter will attract some anger...but will we ever get to a day in the South, and in America, where patriots can agree it has gone to far? Can we ever join together to do what it takes, including letter writing, voting, raising money, and building an organization that will stand for generations.  When you look at a population like the homosexuals, who comprise 3% of the population at most, and who have been successful in making their agenda a has to ask, are they that much smarter then those who stand for the South?
As I said at the beginning of this letter, I do not condemn the heritage organizations for avoiding this.  I have spoken to enough to camps across the South, and talked to enough people within the organization to know that those who see the SCV, UDC, OCR as solely history groups control what is happening.  If they will not do the hard political work necessary to promote the Southern Cause...I wonder, are there enough people to actually do the work?  Or is all talk, and gripes...and that's it?
God Bless the South,
Mark Vogl


A F ederal Court ruled on Monday that the City of New Orleans can remove three Confederate monuments that are displayed in prominent locations.

The lawsuit filed by three historic preservation societies and the local camp of the Sons of Confederate Veterans seeking to stop the city from removing the statues has been pending a decision by the  Fifth Circuit for months. 

In light of the decision, the City expects to move swiftly to take down the three Confederate monuments that honor former Confederate President Jefferson Davis, and the Confederate Generals Robert E. Lee and P.G.T. Beauregard according to the Mayor's office.

A fourth controversial monument, called the Battle of Liberty Place monument, cannot be taken down because it's subject to a different federal court order. 

The plaintiffs expressed disappointment with the ruling, according to a statement released to CNN affiliate WDSU in New Orleans The Monumental Task Committee, Louisiana Landmarks Society, Foundation for Historical Louisiana and Beauregard Camp No. 130 are considering whether to ask for a rehearing involving all 14 active judges in the Fifth Circuit Court, as the ruling had been made by a panel of three judges, they said in a statement.

"Despite this setback, the non-profit organizations that filed the original suit will continue to argue that all the City's historic monuments and cultural sites should be preserved and protected, and that a more appropriate response to calls for the monuments' removal is a program to include explanatory plaques and markers to present these individuals in the context of their time," according to their statement.

New Orleans, which was the Confederacy's largest city, surrendered in 1862 and remained under Federal occupation long beyond War's end in 1865.


A Mississippi Flag lawsuit may be revived because the Fifth Circuit Court of Appeals in New Orleans has agreed to completely disregard proper process and hear arguments connected with the dismissed 2016 complaint.

A federal district court judge kicked out the lawsuit by Carlos Moore last September, saying that he lacked standing.

Moore, who is black, charged that the Confederate battle emblem, which is part of the Mississippi Flag, is "state-sanctioned hate speech" and sends a message to African-Americans that they are second-class citizens, according to The Associated Press.

Moore, whose law offices are based in Grenada, Mississippi, named Gov. Phil Bryant in the lawsuit, claiming that the flag violated the Equal Protection and Due Process Clauses of the 14th Amendment and could incite violence similar to the shooting in South Carolina in 2015.

U.S. District Judge Carlton Reeves dismissed the lawsuit not quite six months ago, saying Moore had to prove he suffered injury from the flag being flown and the fear of imminent violence like that in South Carolina fell "short of Constitutional standing," wrote the Jackson Free Press last September.

Judge Reeves, though, kept the door open for Moore to file a future lawsuit. That said, when he dismissed the suit that was the end of it. Moore should have to refile and begin a new and different legal action. But the Fifth Circuit, having no regard for the law, is allowing him to continue with the dismissed action.  


Mississippi universities that refuse to fly the Confederate-themed State Flag could lose proposed tax breaks if a Bill that passed the State House completes the legislative process. 

All eight of Mississippi's public universities have stopped flying the flag because it prominently features the Confederate battle emblem. A Bill to correct that failed to make its way out of committee a few weeks ago. But was added as an  amendment  to a different bill on Wednesday. 

The State House voted 57-56 Wednesday.  But the Speaker believes the Flag provision is likely to disappear from the final version of the Bill.

Republican Rep. William Shirley of Quitman wrote the Flag amendment but said it has nothing to do with the current design. He says universities should fly the State symbol, whatever it is, if they take state money.


Shop owner Brian Ramsey has decided to keep the 80-foot-plus flagpole and Confederate Flag up in the face of fines of $200 dollars a day. He says the Virginia Flaggers have agreed to pay for the fines.

In the meantime, the land's owner will be applying for a building permit to move and re-erect the flagpole out of the setback, meeting zoning requirements.


A Riverdale High School student said he drove a truck flying a Confederate flag to school Wednesday and was asked to either remove it or leave.

Levi Barger, a junior, chose to leave and said he was denied his right to an education.

He said Wednesday was the first time he went to school with the Confederate flag. 
Barger arrived around 11:05 a.m. after attending classes at Millstream Career Center.

Barger told reporters that Assistant Principal Jeff Young was there to meet him "as soon as I got to the office to sign in" Wednesday. Young did not respond to requests for comment.

Principal Dan Evans confirmed that Barger was asked to take down the flag and that "he chose to leave."

Barger said Young told him, "the flag stands for racial division and a slave nation." Barger does not view the Confederate Flag that way."It's heritage. I don't see it standing for racism," he said, adding that he has ancestors who fought on the Confederacy. He said he began flying the Flag from his truck now because the WBTS broke out in March.

Barger said he plans to display the flag on his pickup truck again today. If asked to leave, he said, he'll go to class "until I am actually removed."

If needed, The ACLU of Ohio will provide legal representation for Barger.  


Iron crosses marking three Confederate graves at the Old Sheldon Church ruins in Beaufort County, South Carolina have been stolen, the site's caretaker said Tuesday.

Bill Sammons, the Beaufort man who looks after the hallowed church grounds in Yemassee, noticed the markers missing Monday morning after a visitor alerted him to the possible vandalism. The Southern Cross of Honor markers were ordered for the graves about five years ago by Parish Church of St. Helena, which owns the ruins.

The markers had been set in concrete and would have had to be dug up, Sammons said.  "It's expensive, and it's frustrating, and it's just kind of beyond my level of comprehension why anyone would want to desecrate graves," Sammons said.

The ruins off Old Sheldon Church Road near Gardens Corner have fought vandalism in the past. The site is a popular target for bored teenagers who etch their names into the soft, handmade bricks and children of visiting families who treat the ruins and graves as a playground.
Desecrating or damaging graves or memorials is a felony in South Carolina. 

The three graves belong to:
▪  William Fuller, a second lieutenant in the Confederacy who died in 1902.
▪  George Chisolm Mackey, killed in battle in 1864.
▪  Edward Mackey, who drowned in 1868, according to information Sammons provided.

Headstones have been broken in past years and replaced by the church, only to be broken again.
The church plans to replace the crosses, but perhaps not immediately.
"We might wait until all this blows over," Sammons said.

The church I pastor is very traditional. Every Sunday morning we do something called a PENNY MARCH
Maybe some of you, especially those of you who grew up in Southern churches, can remember penny marches? 
The organist plays a happy tune while the kids carry baskets around and collect spare change and dollar bills from the adults. Traditionally, the money would be used for missions, or for the Baptist Children's Home. 
At our church, the PENNY MARCH money goes into the general missionary fund and is added to the next Missionary offering. Immediately, we are applying the PENNY MARCH money to the Cuba Project.
In May I will be leading a team to Cuba where we will be meeting with at least 30 pastors and giving them suits, iPads, and smart phones. Cuba is presently building a great national internet and cellular network but the typical Cuban will not have the tech to utilize it. Nor can they afford the tech. We will put the tech into the hands of the Cuban pastors so that they can take seminary classes online and also so that they can effectively minister to their people. 
Would you help us? 
Please consider doing a PENNY MARCH in your church for the next few Sundays. It will refocus your church on missions, get your kids involved, and help the Cuban pastors and churches.  

Would you prayerfully give $25 to the Cuba Project today?

Give $25 to the Cuba Project:  undefined


Here in Florida, State Senator Brad Drake has introduced the Soldiers & Heroes Monuments & Memorials Protection Act. CLICK HERE to read the Bill

Thanks to Senator Drake and our readers, the Bill has passed unanimously in its Senate committee. But it still must move through two more committees prior to going to the House for a vote.

And the Bill is also stalled in the Senate. Senator   Bracy (D) - Orlando has yet to schedule a hearing on the Bill. Unless he agrees to hear it soon, our initiative to protect our Confederate Memorials in Florida could be in jeopardy. 

Please call Sen. Bracy today and ask him to hear Senate Bill 418.  

It will only take a few minutes and could make all the difference.

Ocoee District Office:  (407) 656-6716
Tallahassee:                (850) 487-5011


There is a limit to what we all can do. Why? Because we all have to work for a living. So our heritage defense and promotion becomes an avocation that we work in the restraints of the time that our vocation allows. 

Once upon a time I was a full-time promoter of Southern Heritage. In the year 2002 I travelled to and spoke to 86 SCV camps in Texas. In the same year I also travelled to Arkansas, Louisiana, Mississippi, Florida, New Mexico, Tennessee, Missouri, and Oklahoma. I continued this once through 2008. In that year I had to limit my activity and take a "real job" to pay the bills. 

My desire, and it would be an extension of the idea that Compatriot Vogl articulated in his lead article, is to establish a Southern Political Party. Yes, it would be a sectional Party. But our primary focus would be getting good men elected in Southern States. We would potentially run candidates for national office with the intention of inserting issues and ideas important to Southerners into the national dialog and debate. But our primary focus would be in getting men elected to local and State offices and to Congress. This is where the real change will be made. By electing the County and State Commissioners who would protect our monuments and promote the ideals of our ancestors. 

But these things take TIME. And time requires MONEY. 

If we could raise just $20,000 per year I could be a full-time promoter of Southern culture, heritage, and ideology. I would be based in Florida and available to travel as needed

Additionally, if we could raise just another $22,000 we could have a second full-time man in South Carolina who would also travel as needed (in a LOT cooler classic car no less). This compatriot, recently retired, when released from his formerly paid position as a director of development for a political organization because they believed he was too "Southern" brings a life-time of experience. he has had to go back to work in a job that is well beneath his qualification just to pay his bills and we could have him working 60 hour weeks advancing the cause if only we could raise the funds.  

And I know other good men, in Texas, in Mississippi, in Alabama. Men who could lobby elected officials, manage political campaigns, and travel throughout Dixie and beyond engaging our culture and turning the tide. 

Would you consider helping to raise the funds? If so, please respond to this eMail. Lets talk! 


The book, Rules for Revolution: The Alinsky Model provides an understanding of the roots of the current left's effort to subject the South and all of America to a wholesale transformation by looking at the work of radical Chicago "community organizer" Saul Alinsky. 

The guru of Sixties radicals, Alinsky urged his followers to be flexible and opportunistic and say anything to get power, which they can then use to destroy the existing society and its systems. 

Alinsky died in 1972, but left behind an organization in Chicago dedicated to his malicious ideas. This team hired Barack Obama in 1986 when he was 23 and taught him how to organize for radical transformation. 

Rules for Revolution: The Alinsky Model discusses Alinsky's work in the 60s - and his advice to radicals to seize any weapon to advance their cause. This became the philosophy of Alinskyite organizations such as ACORN and to Alinsky disciple Van Jones, a self described "communist" who served as President Obama's "Green Czar" until he was forced to resign when his extremist ideas became public. By the way, Van is now driving the car over at CNN. 

Anyone who makes a gift of $5 or more to Dixie Heritage this week will receive a copy of Rules for Revolution: The Alinsky Model

Get your copy of Rules for Revolution: The Alinsky Modelundefined

Use this link to see our Heritage items, books and more @ - the prices @ Amazon will not be discounted but this link will give you the convenience of shopping through Amazon.

Hungarian Minister: Trump's Foreign Policy 'Good for the Whole World'
Hungary's foreign minister praised the foreign policy of President Donald Trump, noting that "his approach towards migration is much better for the whole world than the approach of the Democrats."
"For us it seems obvious that the security of the U.S. and the safety of the American people is the number one issue for the American president," said Hungarian Minister Péter Szijjártó in an interview with Breitbart News Wednesday. "What should he deal with if not the security of his country? Who should deal with the security of the U.S. if not the U.S president?"
Szijjártó said that he considers the treatment of President Donald Trump by "international media and the international political elite" to be "really ridiculous."
Pulling no punches in his critique of the hypocrisy of international elites, the Minister said that "whenever Donald Trump says something he is bashed immediately," and it is expected that everyone will criticize him.
"But my feeling," he continued, "is that if Hillary Clinton had won this election and had said the same things that Donald Trump has been saying, there would be another type of expectation: that everyone would stand up and give her a standing ovation for such progressive ideas."
"But just because Donald Trump says these things he must be slammed immediately," he said.
Trump's approach to foreign policy, Szijjártó said, "is much better for the whole world than the approach of the Democrats, because he has removed the exportation of democracy from the focus of U.S. foreign policy. In this way he has kept other regions from becoming destabilized."
"This foolish one-size-fits-all policy," he added, "created many threats and security issues all over the world by destabilizing governments that might not comply with American standards of democracy, but at least were stable enough to guarantee some security in the region."
Asked why he thinks Donald Trump is so despised by international elites, Szijjártó responded that "what we represent in politics is a total denial of the international Left represents."
"We say that national identity is important; we say nation is important; we say patriotism is not bad-on the contrary, it is good. We say religion is important; we say we are proud to be Christian and all these things are denials of what they believe in or at least what they say," he said.
Szijjártó said that the Hungarian government is especially appreciative of Trump's willingness to call a spade a spade.
"Among the media and liberal political elites in Europe, it is virtually impossible to identify challenges for they are," he said, "and if you cannot name your challenges properly you definitely will not be able to respond appropriately."
"Take the case of immigration," he said. "We had to fight for months just to be able to speak of 'migration.' Because it was considered a 'refugee crisis,' despite the fact that it has nothing to do with a refugee crisis. It is a massive illegal influx of illegal migrants from other parts of the world into Europe."
"But we had to fight for months just to be able to say that and not be badgered for using an expression of the sort," he said.


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Fake News and Fake History
Posted on March 4, 2017
by Al Benson Jr.

We hear much about "fake news" today and, in all honesty, most of what we get from the Mainstream Media is fake news. They may get the weather report and the ball scores right because there usually isn't a political agenda apparent in those two items, but their accuracy doesn't go much beyond that. But, then, they are in the propaganda business, not the accuracy business.

Though it might come as a shock to many today, this is nothing new. They have been in the propaganda business since before the War of Northern Aggression. All you need to do is to see some of the "news" accounts in Northern papers of what terrorist John Brown did in the 1850s and you will begin to get the picture. Not only is what is presented, in many cases, rank propaganda, but there are significant things left out that reporters and "historians" really would rather we didn't know about. We can't ask the questions that need to be asked if we have no information.

The Kennedy Brothers, in their recent book Punished with Poverty published by Shotwell Publishing have noted some "omissions" from the historical record. For instance: "A Mississippi Unionist stated during Reconstruction that 50% of the blacks in Mississippi died during the war. Taken at face value the prior estimate would seem unreasonable. But when viewed in light of the events in the 'Devil's Punchbowl' at Natchez, Mississippi, it becomes believable. The 'Devil's Punchbowl' was the name given to a contraband, actually concentration, camp established by the Union army after it occurpied Natchez. Over 20,000 'freed' slaves died in the Union army's concentration camp in the year following the Union army's occupation of Natchez. The camp was walled off by the Union army to prevent escape." Remember, these were "freed" slaves and they were now tasting their first gulp of Yankee/Marxist "freedom." Somehow, I don't think it was quite what they expected from "Father Abraham." Funny, but I don't recall reading about this in any of my "history" books. It would appear that Fake History includes not only Yankee/Marxist propaganda that is false, but also, much accurate information is simply just omitted, because, after all, students don't really need to know all this. It might color their perception of what the "change agent" who is supposed to be a teacher is passing along to them. For those wanting to, you can check the "Devil's Punchbowl" out on the Internet, and you will find that the Kennedys have it right.

And the Kennedys note how this is done: "National historians who act as propagandists advancing or defending the Federal Empire's narrative about the 'Civil War' are quick to dismiss examples of the Federal Empire's military using extreme measures against Southern civilians. They do this primarily by ignoring the Empire's atrocities; if they do mention civilian deaths they dismiss it as a natural part of war- with the implicit assumption that the 'Civil War' was a just war made necessary by an evil South that attacked the North at Fort Sumter, South Carolina. Occasionally the Empire's propagandists (also known as national historians) will acknowledge a 'few' atrocities but insist that they were only isolated events not worthy of scholarly notice" (unless Southerners did them). Some of this information is in Punished with Poverty on pages 70-75.

Also noted and naturally left out of our "history" books, was the propensity of Yankee/Marxist generals toward a policy of extermination for Southern folks. That caring and compassionate legislator from Pennsylvania, Thaddeus Stevens, said at one point "(Treat the South) as conquered provinces and settle them with new men and exterminate or drive out the present rebels as exiles." So where were the "present rebels" supposed to go when you had driven them off their land and out of their homes? Being a truly magnanimous Yankee, Stephens doesn't worry about that. And another merciful Marxist type, Brig. General James H. Lane, said of the War "We believe in a war of extermination." Some of you all should remember General Lane. I have written about him and his particular breed of vermin from abolitionist Kansas before.

In speaking of Lincoln and the Leftist radicals in Congress, the Kennedy Brothers observed: "Their goal was to exterminate enough of the native Southern population to allow the Southern part of the United States to be 'repopulated' with Northerners who would then support the expanding Federal empire." Almost sounds like what modern Washington politicians, both Republicans and Democrats, have been doing to the South with the illegal immigrant situation. Of course you all understand that any similarities between the two situations are purely coincidental.

Folks really need to read Punished with Poverty to begin to get a grasp of the plan that Yankee/Marxist politicians had and still have for the South. Those people really hanker for the death of your culture, faith, and history and they are far from bashful about promoting those ends. We have got to start learning not to be bashful about resisting them.

Simon Spalding will return to Trent River Coffee Co. in New Bern, North Carolina on Friday, March 10, to present "St. Patrick and The Battle of New Bern."

Doors open at 6 p.m., and the music begins at 7 p.m.  

Tickets are $10, available at the door. Admission is free for those under age 18.  

The program will combine songs and tunes from Ireland with music of the WBTS, commemorating both St. Patrick's Day and the 155th anniversary of the Battle of New Bern.

The Irish part of the program will include reel, jigs and hornpipes on the fiddle, along with favorite Irish nautical ballads and sing-a-long sea chanteys.  

The WBTS component of the concert will include patriotic songs, dance tunes, and satirical songs by Union and Confederate soldiers and sailors.  

Mr. Spalding will play fiddle and an original mid-19th century fretless banjo, recreating the sounds of a century and a half ago.

Just a few days before the Battle of New Bern was fought on March 14, 1862, another battle was raging ­- a two-day naval battle in Hampton Roads, Virginia, which pitted the Confederate ironclad "Virginia" against the Union ironclad "Monitor," as well as the Union vessels Cumberland, Congress and Minnesota.  
The program will include a song about this battle, which took place just a few days before the Battle of New Bern.

Trent River Coffee Co. is located at 208 Craven Street in New Bern.  



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