Celebrating 10 Years

March 29, 2017 

A Sacred Moment Funeral Services - 10 years today!

It's hard to believe (and many thought I was crazy) ten years ago today, A Sacred Moment was brought into being. The intent was to provide funeral services that create meaningful moments for those experiencing loss, through death, to be engaged in saying goodbye and help them grieve.

Looking back since 2007, countless families and friends have gathered precious keepsakes to place with their loved one's body before cremation, others have poured their grief into filling the grave at a green burial, still others have expressed their love and creativity by decorating the casket at a home funeral or have emerged with a creative theme for a life celebration.  There were others that simply placed their touch or a flower on a casket at a graveside service to express their love and engage with their grief.  It has been an honor to witness it all.

 It's been a remarkable journey the last ten years, I can hardly wait to see what the next ten bring!

Char Barrett, Funeral Director and Founder at A Sacred Moment Funeral Services, helping a great-grandson place a sunflower on his great-grandmother's decorated handmade casket.

Watch for an upcoming announcement about our new website this Spring!