Hilton is famous for a fun and family friendly Halloween. And the pandemic of 2020 has created a challenge in many ways. But your Hilton neighbors have come up with a fun way to decorate by creating Scarecrows! HHV sponsored a Scarecrow contest and lots of neighbors participated. A safe and fun way to celebrate Halloween.....Take a Hilton Scarecrow tour!

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Waldo sitting on a Hilton porch
Scarecrow running 2020
Scarecrow Capt Underpants Contest winner 2020
Hilton Presbyterian Church Halloween Food Drive
Happy Halloween! Help Hilton Presbyterian Church (corner of Main St & River Rd) fill the truck with donated food tiems for Thrive on Sat Oct 31 from 12 Noon until 4pm
Hilton Scarecrows Oct 2020
Be sure and take a Halloween walk or ride through Hilton and see all the
scarecrows!! View all the photos clicking Hilton Village Events
Full Moon
Hoping the rain & winds will have cleared and Oct 31 Halloween and you will be able to see the Blue Moon
(2nd full moon of the month)
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