2020 was a critical year in the hustle to slow the rush toward 5G. More nations started investigating 5G and ways to protect their residents. The Appeals Court for the District of Columbia agreed to hear EHT’s case against the FCC’s dishonest rejection of modern science. More and more individuals began realizing that technology’s benefits also come with significant downsides, including potentially grave effects on our mental and physical health.

As the science overwhelmingly demonstrates the biological effects of wireless radiation, EHT is stepping up its activities in 2021 to ensure that more individuals, agencies, and organizations are informed and protected from the telecom industry’s dogged pursuit of wireless deployment and densification.

It is imperative that our federal agencies develop biologically based standards that reflect today’s use of technology, not last century’s. In our lawsuit, we demand the FCC review the science and revise its outdated 1996 rules on wireless radiation exposure. We are hopeful that the court agrees.
With your generous support, EHT commits to undertaking this long list of action items in 2021

  • Participate in the virtual EMF Medical Conference this January 28-31.
  • Speak at the Digital PTSD conference in May in Turin, Italy. 
  • Communicate with the Biden administration some priorities it can set to protect public health and safety. These include taking immediate action to reduce exposure and halt the 5G rollout, appointing independent commissioners to the FCC, requesting a National Academy of Science committee review of the science underlying 5G, and identifying major data gaps and uncertainties about the economic efficiency of 5G. 
  • Demand meaningful policy like warning labels on wireless devices. 
  • Release new publications on heightened health risks linked to wireless radiation and the accompanying environmental pollution associated with 5G and wireless densification. 
  • Raise awareness about the effects of Wi-Fi in schools on children’s behavior, learning, and performance.
  • Expose the “true” cost of 5G, including costs associated with health care and environmental degradation with a new open letter filled with science-based facts.
  • Urge immediate protections for trees, birds, bees, and other wildlife and parklands. 
  • Promote to other state and local leaders the recommendations supported by organizations like the New Hampshire State 5G Commission and the Oregon Health Authority.
  • Develop our college student network on safer tech.
  • Help spread WeAreNotSAM — a campaign to demonstrate how the early science on RF exposure uses outdated and obsolete models that do not reflect the way humans use technology.
  • Interview top scientists and influencers all over the world on our Patreon creators channel. Our next interview, with the inimitable documentary filmmaker Pascal Gelinas, is scheduled for Jan. 7, 2021.
  • Release new podcasts with leading scientists on EMF and wireless radiation exposure.
  • Submit op-eds to news outlets with far-reaching audiences to educate more consumers about the effects of wireless radiation.
  • Present regularly to policymakers in the United States and worldwide.
  • Continue to develop printable resources you can share with your policymakers.

As you can see, we have planned an action-packed 2021. We will keep you informed about our upcoming events and hope that you will share the resources we provide to you, our community of concerned citizens. 

As always, we cannot do it without you. Your support keeps our tireless team inspired and operational. If you wish to make a year-end donation, we greatly appreciate it.

Looking forward to hearing from you next year.

Devra L. Davis, PhD, MPH
Founder and President, Environmental Health Trust