Transforming the lives of chronically ill children, and their families,
shifting all from surviving to thriving - until cures are found. 
As Bounce kicks off year four, it's time to celebrate!

Who you ask? EVERYONE who makes the Bounce community work:

  • Kiddos, Siblings and Parents: supporting each other and referring more than 20% of new families
  • Hospital & Healthcare Partners: the number one source of new families
  • Volunteers: adding love & laughter to programs, raising mission critical funds & helping behind the scenes
  • Donors: generously funding everything Bounce offers (no membership fees & $0 government funds)
  • Staff: the small, but mighty group of Aimee and Meghan

YOU: if you're reading this, you're part of this amazing team - and very likely in more ways than one!

YOU enabled Bounce to double the number of kids/families whose lives are transformed, not just for one year, but for two years in a row! YOU are the spirit and vitality of the Bounce community - and you deserve the real credit for all the happy smiles, magical memories and healing moments!

In the time of the never ending news cycle that is deflating and discouraging, I feel like I need all the good news I can soak up. Thank YOU for allowing Bounce to share such good news month over month, year over year.
Joan M. Steltmann
Chief Executive Officer
Bounce Bash® Jimmy Buffet
~ an unforgettable night of music at Wrigley for 100+ Bounce Members ~
Generously sponsored by our friends at:
Double the fun at Bounce Bash® Pinkalicious
~ generously sponsored by Marriott Lincolnshire & Fleming's Steak House ~
Marriott Lincolnshire knocked it out of the park with it's amazing performance of Pinkalicious.
Post-show lunch at Fleming's Steakhouse provided great fun, food & friendly conversation.

An afternoon described by one Bounce Kiddo as, "PERFECT!!!"
Bounce Bash® Chicago White Sox vs. Toronto Blue Jays!
~ an extra special family outing at the ballpark ~
Generously sponsored by our friends at:
A Recap: Bounce It Forward® All Star-Week
~ Thanking BIF Donors & Spreading the Word ~
Team: Bounce

Season: 2018

Overall Record : 217 Outings

  • 2x increase in donations from 2017 Season
  • Averaging 1 outing/week

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