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Keeping Up with Friends    
By Adam Moldover   
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By Ilan Cohen   
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Kadima Saturday Night Live 2017
Grades 6-8                                    
January 6, 2018
Congregation Beth El, Bethesda, MD

USY & Kadima Basketball League
Grades 6-12
Sundays in January-March 2018 
Frost Middle School, Rockville, MD

North Carolina Shabbaton
Grades 9-12                                    
January 12-14, 2018 
American Hebrew Academy, Greensboro, NC

USY Formal
USY Formal 2016
Grades 9-12             
January 27, 2018 
Ohr Kodesh Congregation, Chevy Chase, MD

Grades 9-12                                    
February 9-11, 2018 
Beth Israel Congregation, Owings Mills, MD

Grades 6-8                                    
February 16-18, 2018 
Capital Camps & Retreat Center, Waynesboro, MD
Keeping Up with Friends  
By Adam Moldover, Congregation Beth Emeth's Religion/Education Vice President, Seaboard Sunday Shacharit Live Band Leader

When I think of my USY friends outside of Seaboard, I'm immediately brought back to my experience on USY on Wheels this past summer. Six months ago, I met thirty amazing people who quickly became some of my best friends as we toured the United States, creating a mesmerizing and life-changing experience. At the beginning of the trip, however, we barely knew each other, but when we left our final hotel, we were closer than ever.
Since our trip ended, we've kept in touch through our constantly used group chat, our fantasy football league, and our efforts to visit each other for birthdays and each other's conventions. In our group chat, we often share stories, pictures, and videos, recollecting funny moments from Wheels and our lives at home. I was beyond excited when I found out that two of my fellow "Wheelniks" from New York were coming to Seaboard's Fall Convention, and I had a great time seeing somany of them at USY International Convention in Chicago!! I love all of the amazing people from Bus A, and I'm thankful for the impact they've had on me!
Ask an IC Staff!
By Jasmine Hubara
We asked Jasmine what it's like to staff International Convention.
Here is what she said:
Staffing International Convention (IC) is an experience like no other, and it's not because of the convention's length or the amount of people. While our staffing duties aren't that different from regional events, the atmosphere of IC makes the experience unique. It's heartwarming to see all of the teens come together to see their old friends and make new ones, to sing and dance their hearts out, to be inspired by new leadership, and to be so happy that they forget about the hardships in life. IC is a community, and I love giving back to that community as a staff member. 
The Big Picture
By Ilan Cohen, International Membership/Kadima VP, 
Montgomery County Liaison, Shira B'Seaboard Chair
One of the most unique things about USY is that we are part of an International movement. There are teens like us across the continent who attend conventions, run chapters, and sing ruach. My freshman year, USY held its International Convention (IC) in Baltimore, so I decided to attend. It was an inspiring experience that pushed me to get more involved in USY, not just in my chapter and region, but also internationally. The following month, I applied to be on International General Board (IGB) as a First Year Representative. I got the position and spent the year working on engaging underclassmen across USY through several projects. This year, I was on IGB again as the Chapter Engagement Chair, working with chapter leaders across USY and developing leadership programs and training for USYers. At IC Chicago, I was honored to be elected USY's International Membership/Kadima Vice-President.
USY is the most inspiring movement I've ever been a part of. Meeting people from across the continent and working with them to make USY the best movement possible is incredible and inspiring. I encourage all USYers to get involved in International USY, whether it's through IGB or attending IC, a summer program, or an online program like Torah Bytes, Chapter LTI or a Chalutzim program.
USY Formal 2017                                              Kadima Basketball 2017       
IC, Take Three    
    By Lila Schandler, NOAM Olami Chair
    Some kids spend their break sleeping in until noon, eating all of the junk-food left in their home, or watching TV until their eyes glaze over. What do I do? I explore my Judaism, my love for Israel, and make memories with complete strangers. However, after spending my past three winter breaks with USY, I'd hardly consider them strangers.
    Over winter break, USY hosts a yearly international convention (IC) for its members throughout North America. This year, over 800 Jewish teens gathered in Chicago, Illinois for five days.
Last year at IC Dallas, as I was talking to my friends who were running for International Executive Board, I decided I wanted to get more involved in USY myself. Since then, I have taken on a larger role in the community, becoming the NOAM Olami (USY's sister organization) Chair on Regional General Board, sitting on the Social Action Committee at my synagogue, and running for Regional Executive Board.
    IC is different than most conventions. While at regional conventions we rarely leave the hosting site, but during IC, USYers get to explore the city as well as participate in community service activities. This year, I spent my afternoon speaking with homeless people who lost everything after becoming ill. The conversations I had will never leave me, and have helped change my outlook on life.
    There's one difficult event during this incredible week: goodbyes. As a senior, I was not only saying goodbye to my friends, but also to a chapter of my life. While I will undoubtedly see many of these friends again, it will never be in the same context. Yet, isn't that what makes USY so special? If I saw these people every day, would I still cry every time I say "hello" or "goodbye"? Probably not.
" My favorite convention theme was probably this past fall's sleepover theme because it combined my 3 favorite things: big time rush, onesies, and sleeping. #commtest"   - Zoe Bayewitz (9th Grade)  
"My favorite convention theme was the Dr. Seuss themed Fall my sophomore year #commtest"   
-Lily Horvitz (12th Grade)  
Seaboard SA/TO Scoop:   
Fall Convention Recap 
By Gabrielle Zwi, Regional SA/TO VP 
      At this year's Fall Convention, we raised over $1,400 for our Tikun Olam Fund, USY's charity fund, which is allocated to multiple organizations, USY's Scholarship Fund, and social action programming costs.  Throughout the weekend, we had many opportunities to donate to our Tikun Olam Fund and participate in social action activities, starting from the minute we stepped on the bus to convention.
      During the bus ride, members of the Social Action and Tikun Olam Regional General Board and Chapter Boards sold Shabbat-themed greeting cards called Shabbatograms. Following Shabbat, we held our annual Seaboard Sailor Showcase where our seniors competed to raise the most money for our Tikun Olam Fund through a talent showcase. This year, our seniors chose to donate their money to USY's Disaster Relief efforts, which will go to helping the victims of Hurricane Harvey. Then, on Saturday evening at our 613 Mitzvah Corps late-night, we learned about an organization called The Birthday Box, and put together boxes of birthday party supplies for the children they serve. Finally, on Sunday morning, we held our 14th annual hair donation for Pantene Beautiful Lengths and Locks of Love. This year, nine USYers and one staff member cut their hair. That morning, USYers and staff who weren't donating their hair paid to enter a raffle to personally cut parts of our Regional Teen Engagement Director's hair to be donated to Pantene Beautiful Lengths.
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Chapter Spotlight
  Check Out What's Happening in Chapters Across Seaboard!
  This month, Tikvat Israel had a Shul-in. Let's take a closer look with Chapter President, Sophia Kram!
"Our event was basically a sleepover at the synagogue. We had a chocolate Havdalah, followed by a period where you could either dance, watch a movie, or play board games. After that, we played a giant game of sardines, had a snack, and read a story before bedtime. Our goal was to hold an event where people would come and have a good time, since last year we tested this event with just our chapter." 

Beth El Durha m recently had their Teen Takeover Shabbat. Let's see what Chapter President, Eliana Davis, has to say about it!
"This was our second year having this event and it was a big success! We had more than 36 teens from our synagogue involved in leading all parts of the service from Shacharit to reading Torah to Birkat. We had a fantastic ruach session at kiddish lunch and taught several popular songs to those who have never been to a regional event before."
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Torah Aura -  
 Little Known Facts About the Parshaot! 
By Lily Rosenberg, "Membership Monthly" Chair, Athletics Chair, Creator of "Torah Aura"  
On December 2nd, we read Vayishlach where Jacob sends a messenger to Esau in the hopes of being forgiven for stealing his birthright. Later, he fights an angel and is renamed Israel. To try to make peace, Jacob sent Esau a huge gift including 560 animals--this is a begging for forgiveness present if I've ever heard of one.  
On December 16th we read Mikeitz. In this parsha, Joseph is released from jail, so he can help decipher Pharaoh's dream. He predicts a famine and recommends stocking up on food. During the famine, Joseph's brothers (who had sold him into slavery) show up, without recognizing Joseph, looking for food. As a test to his brothers, Joseph sneaks a silver cup into Benjamin's bag, Joseph's youngest brother. When, the Benjamin is caught with the goblet, all of the brother's beg for him not to be taken away. Because they all stand up for Benjamin, Joseph reveals himself to them, having seen a change within them.
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