A Season for Thanksgiving
During this season of Thanksgiving, Friends of Nazareth, on behalf of Nazareth Baptist School, wants to thank its partners for blessing the school and helping enlarge and enrich the school's capacity for Building the Rising Generations - Glorifying Jesus Christ through Distinctive Education .

We thank you for helping:

  • Remediate the High School building so that it is earthquake sound. (About $300,000 from FON!)

  • Host the first Mother's Day event. Big hit!
  • Renovate the Chapel. More renovations are scheduled for 2020. These include replacing the windows, fixing the acoustics and adding new chairs. Amazing!
  • Sponsor about 800 students at Evangelical VBS/Day Camps and Potter's Wheel. Gospel embedded.
  • Send about 175 volunteers to help with varied programs throughout the year. Life changing!
  • Build the Potter's Wheel Youth Center for after school classes and discipleship. It's growing!
  • Launch the first Student Leadership University (SLU-101) for over 90 students. Success!
  • Build pastor to pastor relationships between US pastors and Galilean pastors. Touching and special.
  • Host a wonderful Spiritual Enrichment Journey. 37 Enriched lives and 1 marriage proposal!
  • Pray regularly for Friends of Nazareth/NBS.
FON's financials are reviewed annually by Steve Richardson, CPA Tuscaloosa, AL.
Note: Numbers are rounded.

Prayer Requests for November
  1. Students will begin exams in the coming weeks. Pray for them to study well.
  2. Some graduates will be taking the SAT in the coming weeks.
FON's Kids and Family Ministry is funded through donor gifts. 100% or your gifts to KFM go directly to support on-the-ground support in Nazareth.
December 3, 2019 is the annual Giving Tuesday. Thank you for considering Nazareth Educational Ministries Association, Inc. (DBA, Friends of Nazareth) as a recipient of your gifts.
Photo Journal
On October 16, Fellowship Chapel, a FON partner church in Bristol, VA, hosted an Awareness Evening for Friends of Nazareth. The church generously provided a steak dinner for each guest. Leading the evening were: (left to right) David Pierce, Ambassador Chairman; Scott Price, Senior Pastor; Brian Hall, Associate Pastor and FON Board Member; Gene Eller, former General Director of NBS and Roger Mardis, President. The evening showcased Fellowship Chapel's partnership with FON and raised TO THE PENNY $20,000 that was matched by a generous donor! Hallelujah and Thanks!
Donna Chisam, Executive Director, Friends of Nazareth (Baptist School) welcomed about 125 guests to an Awareness Banquet held on October 17 at the Stricklin Hotel Grand Hall, Florence, AL. A $20,000 gift was matched during the evening. Thanks to the students from area schools who helped serve. 306 BBQ for catering the gala and for the various committees who worked tirelessly to ensure a successful evening!
Fadi Abu Khadra, a NBS graduate and student at the University of North Alabama, shared at the banquet about his hometown, Nazareth and the impact that NBS had on his character and spiritual development.
The NBS Parent's Committee met recently and began planning their activities for raising funds for the school. Thank you, parents for your efforts, planning and support.
Friends and Graduates launched their 2019-20 school year planning session. Thanks, Friends and Graduates for your contributions to NBS and your support.
FON was invited by the Georgia Baptist Convention to coordinate the Nazareth portion of its Holy Land Concert Series by the Jubalheirs, a women's choir representing churches from across the State of Georgia and led by Dr. Jon Duncan. Jon is no stranger to NBS. These ladies not only led concerts, but also led student music workshops for three days. Roger Mardis spoke to the group about FON and how they can stay engaged with NBS/FON. We appreciate the invitation and thank not only the Jubalheirs, but also the FON team of Mimi and Mike Brookshire, Roger Mardis, Brian Dickinson, Will Wooley and Eli Pattat.
Jubalheirs and the orchestra performing for students at the Nazareth Baptist Church.
2019-20 Student Council Elections were held during October. The 11th and 12th grade students prepared campaign signs and held debates. Students in the 9th-12th grades voted. Congratulations to Ehab Khlaif, 12th grader, from the red team for winning the election. This photo shows the spirit of camaraderie and Christian love for one another as both candidates share in the victory. SLU 101 Counselors will be teaming with the Council to apply some of the leadership lessons learned during SLU.
Students participated in Walk Day. The students walked peacefully through Nazareth making the community aware that they oppose violence. In addition to walking, some students helped clean up areas in Nazareth.
Brad Thomas, Fresh Start, led a series of chapel and Bible studies classes about "forgiveness". Fresh Start is a Friends of Nazareth partner.
During October, NBS hosted a Teacher Appreciation Day. NBS is so appreciative of the dedicated teachers who work hard to teach subject matters with excellence, while also helping the students learn Christian character. Each teacher received a Pencil Flower gift.
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