September 2016 Fall Newsletter

   Swarovski Magazine A Guide to 
Modern Manners
When the online editor of famed crystal company, Swarovski, requested an interview with me on the subject of modern manners, I jumped at the chance to share my knowledge with the brand. "Bad behavior has become the new black. In a world where presidential candidates hurl public insults at each other, Olympic athletes are embroiled in scandals, and where online communication has replaced face-to-face interaction, manners are more important than ever." Read more.    
    Manners Monday
5 Ways Millennials Are Missing Out on Manners
Last weekend, I sat by the pool perusing the September issue of Departures magazine and was pleasantly surprised to read the editor's note declaring that the current state of affairs can basically be summed up in three little words, "I dare you."  It seems everywhere we turn - from politics to business to culture - buttons are being pushed and boundaries are being broken. Society is practically begging us to go against the grain and rewarding those who do so with the biggest bang. If you've been following the Trump headlines, you know exactly what I mean. Read more.
 Manners Monday
Old Adage of No White After Labor Day No Longer Holds Water
The old adage of 'no white after Labor Day' no longer holds water.  Fashionistas and trendsetters in the know don't fall prey to such archaic beliefs.  They beat to their own drum turning a cheek to the majority and shunning convention.  Coco Chanel, one of the greatest fashion icons of all time, balked at the notion of banning white after Labor Day and made it a permanent staple in her wardrobe. Read more

My favorite flavor is fall. Each year, I can't wait for September to arrive and, apparently, I'm not alone. September has been deemed the new January.  When the kids go back to school and the trees begin to shed their leaves, it is the ideal time to streamline our systems and self-evaluate at every turn.   
With this in mind, we are excited to announce a season of fresh beginnings here at Beverly Hills Manners. We have a new collaboration with celeb-owned spot, Au Fudge, and will now be hosting all of our children and teen group and private lessons at their ideal location on Melrose. Our Well-Mannered adult series at Soho House has received rave reviews and will continue with new dates for the remainder of the year. Our new corporate etiquette programs are taking off with a recent dining program presented to fashion house Burberry and an upcoming Student Ambassador program scheduled for Pomona College. And, new dates are confirmed for our popular "Let's Dance"  Cotillion, so sign up now while there's still space available. Finally, contact us to create a customized program for you, your business or brand or join one of the group classes featured on our website.  We are here to support you with the secret sauce for success!

Wishing a sweet New Year to our Jewish friends and a wonderful fall season ahead to all!!

With warmest regards,  
Good Manners, Great Success
Au Fudge 4-Part Series 10/21, 10/28, 11/4, 11/11 
We are thrilled to announce our collaboration with Au Fudge to present this fabulous children's manners series. Four Friday nights from 4:00pm to 5:30pm.  All classes include a multi-course dinner where all of the dining skills will be covered. Click here to register now. Spaces will sell out quickly!
Let's Dance Cotillion Series January-May 2017
Beverly Wilshire - A Four Seasons Hotel
Beverly Wilshire Hotel
Announcing season eight of our modern day cotillion. Join us for this 5-part series combining ballroom dance and etiquette instruction. Designed to meet the needs and desires of children today, our friendly and interactive approach provides boys and girls with the social and communication tools to present themselves confidently in every situation. Contact 310.276.9078 or click here to register now.
Manners for Teens & Adults   
Bothered by your teen's relentless relationship with their smartphone? Interested in a little added polish for yourself or a friend? Everyone can benefit from smoothing out a few ruffled feathers. To register, click on classes for  teens and  adults or call 310.276.9078 for more info. 
Etiquette Training 4 Companies & Colleges   
Our extensive etiquette programs train staff and students in all aspects of protocol from the negotiating table to the dining table. To design a program for your business or university, call 310.276.9078 or email
Interviewing Skills for Schools & Internships   
Stand Out Interviews Children
Is your child applying to middle school or your teen embarking on the admissions process for college? A review of proper etiquette and good manners provides them with that extra boost of confidence to secure a spot at their first choice school. To register, click here or call 310.276.9078 for more info.