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Sunday: Feast of Pentecost &
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Saturday, June 6
Food Pantry

June 7: Trinity Sunday
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"... those who welcomed Peter's message about Jesus were baptized, and that day about three thousand persons were added. They devoted themselves to the apostles’ teaching and fellowship, to the breaking of bread and the prayers." Acts 2:41-42
Dear People of Ascension,
    In the context of my faith and priestly ministry, the word icon normally means a religious image, one particularly revered in Orthodox Christianity, that, by contemplation, may raise one's mind, heart and will to the mystery of God in Christ.
For better or worse, due to Internet culture, the word icon has now also come to mean a little symbol on your screen that , even if devoid of any inherent spiritual value or intent, signifies a bigger meaning or message.
I wonder, however, if we can impart meaning to these Internet icons by how and when we click on them. I specifically wonder if they may be for us at Ascension an easy means of evangelism.
The Holy Spirit at Pentecost and the silhouette of Christ's crucifixion shown to the right are arguably iconic in the religious sense. In between them are LIKE, SHARE and COMMENT icons from Facebook. Similar icons are found in all social media. The little box with the up arrow from my iPhone, also shown, permits me to SHARE almost anything with almost anyone. You have comparable icons on your computers, smartphones or tablets. You can easily share this newsletter, for instance, with someone whom you believe may share your appreciation or indignation.
I'm pondering all of this with you because, like it or not, all of this will remain with us. Consider this: one stipulation that we must meet for the Bishop before re-opening for in-person worship is ' maintaining an on-line worship presence .'
So ... I'm humbly asking you to become evangelists! Until now, very few who 'follow' Ascension in any media, have availed themselves of opportunities to share the faith and gratitude that are, I trust, basic to our experiences of Ascension.
Please use your icons!
Share whatever about your parish may be good news to another.
Thank you.

PS One more icon below ... 'INTERESTED'. You may recognize it from our Facebook Events page. If you let us know that you are interested, you'll also be letting your own Facebook followers know. And, who knows ... ?
Guidelines from the Bishop's Task Force for Re-Entering our Church Buildings have been shared with all clergy and congregations in the past 24 hours. You may read all or parts of the document by clicking here. Our own Ascension task force will now be translating the guidance from the diocese into our own place and circumstances. Our parish task force members include Mary Beth Hwang, Patrick Johnston, Carol Noren, Br. Nathanael Rahm, BSG, and Benjamin Rivera , also the Wardens and me. We anticipate reaching out to others for counsel and assistance with regard to numerous matters. Please share your interests or questions.
Join our Sharing Lunch, Sharing Blessings Zoom gathering ...
Wednesday, May 27th!!

 Our first meeting in April was quite successful, and the 10 of us who attended had fun sharing stories and munching our sandwiches.  

Because we all like to eat, I thought we might talk about the ways we have adjusted our confinement at home to include an interesting new recipe or snack or to indulge often in our favorite comfort foods. Dark chocolate bars just keep disappearing at my house! Other topics--an interesting book, poem, prayer, or project--are always welcome for discussion. Humor is appreciated, too. Everyone gets to participate!!

We will use the Ascension Zoom connection as listed above, on our website or by clicking here . DON'T LET A COMPUTER DIFFICULTY STOP YOU FROM JOINING US! Our Zoom format now includes a way to connect with your PHONE ... see below.

Cheryl Peterson
Feast of Pentecost
Choir and Organ Hymn Fest

Sunday, May 31

Ascension Connections
(with your click and God's help)
Weekly Ascension Schedule
for the (stay-at-home) time being

8:30 a.m. Morning Prayer via Zoom
9:00 a.m. Mass via Facebook LIVE
10:15 a.m. Scripture reflection via Zoom
See Scripture texts below for May 31
11:00 a.m. Virtual Coffee Hour via Zoom
Also: David White Organ Recital (YouTube)

6:10 p.m. Evening Prayer via Zoom

6:30 p.m. Low Mass via Facebook LIVE
Also from the Rector

+ Please note that I may need to be traveling in early June and there may be some disruption in our stay-at-home mass scheduling and opportunities. If away, the Wardens will be apprised of my plans and will know how to reach me.

Many at Ascension will know of the widespread tradition of wearing red on and in celebration of the Feast of Pentecost. Even if we'll all be remaining at home for now: Why not? Consider showing up to Zoom coffee hour at 11 ... in red.
Elastic, anyone?
(Still) looking for mask-makers

I ordered this roll of elastic while wondering how many people who sew are out there and if we could together sew enough masks (160 or so) to share one each with our June 6 food pantry guests. I will gladly mail any reasonable length to anyone who will agree to share your skills and share with the pantry at least as many as you keep for your own household.
Sunday, May 31
+ A live-streamed mass at 9:00 a.m . that may be viewed at our Facebook page wi ll be the norm for at least the next few weeks.

+ Scripture Reflection via Zoom at 10:15 a.m. From the lectionary:

+ The Virtual Coffee Hour at 11:00 a.m . could be described as an Online Wheeler Hall. Just as we have differing motives for going to coffee hour at the church, and just as we may mostly observe or actively participate there, so it has been with our virtual coffee hour the past two weeks. It’s a free-for-all, but I do moderate and do my best to give everyone who shows up a chance to speak if they wish.

+ A musical offering by the Choir of the Ascension, Benjamin Rivera, Choirmaster and David White, Organist, will be posted to Ascension's YouTube Channel by Sunday morning. We are seeking to keep an archive of masses, mini-recitals there. Click here to be taken to the YouTube channel.
Evening Prayer via Zoom
Mondays-Fridays, 6:10 p.m.
Please note the addition of
Evening Prayer on Fridays!

Join us for Morning Prayer, Mondays through Saturdays at 8:00 a.m. on Facebook Live. We've created  a dedicated group as part of Ascension's Facebook page here  where you can find these videos. (Or navigate from the Ascension Facebook page by clicking on "Groups" at the left side of the screen.) Pray with us while watching live or while visiting the videos later. If, having seen these, you find that you'd like to officiate, please reach out to Br. Jonathan Wheat, SMJ (pictured here) or MB Hwang .
For those already Zooming: please heed the repeated Zoom requests to UPDATE YOUR ACCOUNT. Due to important security upgrades, Zoom will begin requiring everyone to connect using the latest version of the Zoom client app after May 30. If you're not already using the latest version (5.0), you will eventually be prompted to upgrade when you connect.  If you'd like to ensure a smoother transition, you can also update ahead of time by clicking here to to download the latest version.

For the Novice, Newbie, or tech-challenged : It may be easier than you know . We've simplified instructions on the sheet that you can view by clicking here. Please know that you can block your camera (and don't need one to start with), and you could join our Scripture study or Virtual Coffee Hour, for instance, without having to say a word. Give it a try.
Please give generously as you are able.
Treasurer Susan Schlough has asked me to remind you of Ascension's ongoing expenses at this time. To the extent that you are able, payment on your pledges or the offering of Holy Day or other special gifts will be greatly appreciated. You may still write a check and mail it to the church, or online payment is possible through the buttons at various places on our website. Thank you!
For our prayers: Charley Taylor, August 'Augie' Alonzo, Jim Berger, Ethel Martin, Yuka Asai, Dean Pineda, Carnola Malone, Charlene MacDougal, Patricia Johnston, Stewart Marks, Char Yurema, Mary Drell, Jim Lo Bello, Steve Waltz, Mary Lou Devens, Marty Stenson, Donna Neglia, John Brower, Choy Jimenez, Steve, Peter Bergman, Catriana Patriarca, Noah and Clem, Jessica, Jim Wilson, Ricardo Carillo, Maxim, Ken Kelling, George Pineda.
Recent/Upcoming Birthdays/Anniversaries : Burton Nelson, 5/1; Maggie Zellers, 5/1; Anabel Finch, 5/2/2014, Robert Browning, 5/3; James Caldwell, 5/3; Jolene Walsh Juskiewicz, 5/8; Claudia Vargas, 5/9; Jenna Jones 5/10; Luiza Kallembach, 5/11; Janis Anfosi, 5/13; Elma Ling Hoffman, 5/14; Robert Sheridan, 5/16; Michael Clark Sr. 5/18; Carter Luery, 5/19; Dana Luery, 5/19; Kimberly Milano, 5/27; Katherine Beeken, 5/28; Jennifer Lord, 5/28; LaVerne Rollé Saunders, 5/30; and Br. Michael-Francis Smith on the one-year anniversary of his Benedictine vows.
Prayers for the departed:
All who have died due to complications of COVID-19, including
Diane and John
Herman Carrillo (and his bereaved husband Denis vanEngelsdorp)
Emily Hoffman (grandmother of Elma Ling Hoffman)
Phyllis Bergman (friend of Louise Gram)
Maat Brower (and family)

Rajeev Rao 
Ricardo Rivera (uncle of Benjamin Rivera)
Helena Wilson (mother of Jim Wilson)
Curley (brother of Ruby Woods)
Jack Johnston (5/15)

Rest eternal grant unto them, O Lord: and let light perpetual shine upon them. May their souls and the souls of all the faithful departed, through the mercy of God, rest in peace. Amen.

A different take on Pentecost , both lovely and provocative, and most of all timely (or so it seems to me), is offered in the opening of a 2015 address, below, by Fr. Joe Nassal, provincial director for the Kansas City Province of of a Roman Catholic order known as the Missionaries of the Precious Blood. The accompanying artwork is by Pueblo, Colorado, collage artist Douglas Pierre Baulos. I was taken by the image and also by the artists's personal statement, which begins with this: " Although I work with the feelings of loss, mortality, and the power and delicate nature of memory, my work is a reflection of my attempt to live my life in fragile exultation ." In this time of our own feelings of loss and mortality, may we also discover exultation, even if fragile. - Fr. Raymond +
Dear Friends,
The poet, W.H. Auden, offered a wonderful insight about Pentecost in a lecture, “Words and the Word.” He reminds us that it is not only the gift of the Spirit to prompt and empower the ability to speak various languages; but also the ability to listen. “As writers, readers, human beings, we cannot speak to or understand each other unless we are first prepared to listen,” he wrote. “Of all the gifts that the Holy Spirit is able to bestow, the one for which we should first and most earnestly pray is the humility of ear.”
How often do we find ourselves in situations where we don’t speak the same language? “Humility of ear” invites us to not only hear what the other is saying, not only the words, but to listen for the experiences, the hurts, the hopes, the damage and the dreams that give birth to the words. To listen deeply to another invites us to set aside or at least suspend for awhile our preconceived ideas about the other, our cherished insights and treasured positions, and open a space in our hearts for the other’s story.
As Auden said, “The Christian Church came into being at Pentecost. The gift of the Holy Spirit on that occasion is generally called the gift of tongues, but it might equally as well be called the gift of ears.” As we celebrate the birthday of the church, we pray for the Spirit’s gift to listen to each other’s hearts.
The Very Rev. Patrick Raymond, Rector

Susan Schlough, Treasurer

Br. Nathanael Deward Rahm BSG, Parish Office