What’s in a gift…
When Melro was in foster care she recalls carrying her belongings in trash bags as she moved from
home to home. “It made me feel like I wasn’t worth anything more than trash”, Melro recounts. Now
an accomplished model and advocate, she speaks to thousands of youth across the nation sharing her
story of resiliency.

We are honored that she chose Starfish Alliance as one of the organizations to receive donations made by Thirty-One Gifts and generous members of the community. She worked with the S-club in Gahanna to coordinate. One person’s story about “trash” inspired her and others to collect bags that youth could “treasure.”

Moving is hard for youth whether it be from foster home to foster home or from home to college. We hope that this gift lightens the load. Our youth will be thrilled when
they receive the bags in our closing ceremony. Click HERE to watch Melro tell her story.

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Candi Mota, a first-year mentor, celebrates her mentee’s acceptance into Eastern Kentucky University!
“I didn’t even realize I wrote that, and now it’s happening!” - the mentee exclaimed after her vision reflection. This is a manifestation of one of her IDEAL LIFE goals that she expressed in her vision card*, written earlier this year. This serves as confirmation, to her and her peers, that envisioning the future you want is a vital step towards success!

*vision card - our program’s more portable version of a vision board

"It felt good to see a goal that was
written come to life! Working with
these youth has been invaluable"
- Candi Mota
ACE Score & What It Means
 An ACE is not just card in a deck. ACEs are adverse childhood experiences that could represent the “bad” cards that someone is dealt – in life. The power is in how we play our cards or bounce back from the tough hand we were dealt. “Bouncing back” is a simple term for resiliency.

Our work is all about equipping youth with Resiliency Factors through structured programming with a mentorship component. We are working hard on teaching our kids how to play their cards right by stacking the deck in their favor with positive influences like goal-setting, peer relationships, adult relationships, critical
thinking, and more.

A recent Dispatch article reports, “just having a caring, trusting adult in a child’s life
is one of the biggest buffers.”
Adults can take the ACEs survey as well.

Before taking your personal ACE test keep a few points in mind: First, the ACE score is just meant as guidance. Second, it doesn't directly take into account other major influences on health. Lastly, ACE scores don't tally the positive experiences that can help build resilience and protect a child from the effects of trauma.
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