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A Secret I Should Share With You

Did you blink like me and wake up to May? Just like that, we're almost half way through the year! But it's all good, I swear!

Oh yes, I promised a secret. Well before I get to that, I need to thank our VP of Student Relations Addie Linn and the committee for putting on a successful Student Summit on April 12. I was delighted that we not only had lots of PRSSA members in attendance, but also non-member students and students with majors other than communications. We are doing a great job of reaching a variety of audiences that could be potential members. Staying in touch with those that seek a career in PR or communications is vital to our chapter's continued success. PRSSA is an important organization and key to that effort.

Okay, okay here is the secret: I was never a member of PRSSA, as a matter of fact, I did not know about the existence of PRSA until years later into my career. All these things in mind, I do think it’s very important to the chapter to foster these relationships. And you can play a part in that. It’s not too soon to start thinking about what you can do with the chapter next year. Even if you don’t want to have a seat on the board, you can do much for the chapter by serving on a committee. See how I sneaked in the topic of volunteering there? 

Anyway, I want to also extend a special thanks to all our speakers from the Summit:

Jake Jacobson, Director of Public Relations, Children’s Mercy
Ashley Mahoney, Creative Director, Hello Big Idea
Sheba Clarke, Mentorship Program, GKC-PRSA
Mike Swenson, President, Crossroads
Kimberly Spencer, Junior Achievement
Alex Miller, Parson and Associates
Meredith Suarez, Director, North American Talent Acquisition
Jamie Brond, Look East PR

P.S. Regarding this summer’s APR cohort listed below, I highly recommend it. It helped me tremendously when I was pursuing it.

Norita Taylor, APR
Upcoming Chapter Events
May 28, 2019: Crisis: What You Don't Know Will Hurt You

11:30 a.m. - 1 p.m.
Location: Grand Street Cafe
4740 Grand Ave., Kansas City, Mo.
Cost: $25, GKC-PRSA Members
$35, Non-Members

Speaker: Dean Davison, APR

Throughout his career, Dean Davison has dealt with crisis situations. Early in his career, he reported about exploding houses in the mid-Missouri town of Centralia and state budget cuts in Wisconsin. As a chief communications officer and counselor, he has worked with leaders and businesses dealing with cyber attacks, lawsuits, regulatory actions, workplace violence, 9/11, acquisitions, divestitures and leadership changes. He will share the lessons he’s learned on how to stay ahead of the action to protect your company’s reputation.
June 25, 2019: Ad Strategies for the Streaming Consumer

11:30 a.m. - 1 p.m.
Location: Grand Street Cafe
4740 Grand Ave., Kansas City, Mo.
Cost: $25, GKC-PRSA Members
$35, Non-Members

Speaker: Taylor Curry, digital strategist for Spectrum Reach

Consumers have a variety of choices on what, how and where they watch content. Learn how to develop strategies to take advantage of the innovations and advanced technology platforms to reach viewers on their devices anytime, anywhere.
Member Anniversaries
Congratulations to our members celebrating May anniversaries. Thank you for your continued support and involvement with GKC-PRSA. We're excited for another great year with you!
  • Garima Bhandari
  • Sarah Elliott Biles, APR
  • Elaina Khoury Boudreau, APR
  • Robyn R. Caulfield
  • Grace Dayson
  • Kathy Marie Hanis
  • Keenan Douglas Kunst
  • Addison Elizabeth Linn
  • Heather McMichael
  • David Mehlhaff
  • Carl F. Petz
  • Sara J. Prem
  • Damon S. Smith
  • Joshua Brewster
  • Diane L. Salucci, APR
Welcome New Members
  • Katie Maloney
  • Alyssa Kirkland
APR Online Study Course Announces Summer 2019 Schedule

The next APR Online Study Cohort Group is starting soon.

The Study Course is completely "Self-Paced," however as a participant, you will be invited to attend web meetings to hear from APR Facilitators, share notes, review practice questions and get your questions answered. Download the PDF schedule for the next Cohort:

APRs will receive free access to all meetings. If you would like to OPT-IN as an APR Facilitator for this coming session, we can provide a free account. We ask that you volunteer to present in at least one meeting.

Also, there will be several "Open House" web meetings for those seeking their Accreditation in Public Relations, on May 28 and June 4. (See the Web Meeting Schedule above.)

Become a Mentor
or Mentee today!

To get involved contact Sheba Clarke, VP of Mentorship,  mentorship@kansascity-prsa.org.