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Illustrated 19th-Century Analysis of Roofing Materials and Practices
With Detailed Illustration of Brick Making in the United States

1. [ARCHITECTURE/ROOFING/AMERICANA] DESPINE, Charles-Marie-Joseph. Essai sur le système de toiture le plus convenable aux constructions de Savoie. Chambéry, Chez Routin et Bottero, 1832. In duodecimo (195 x 130 mm); with 11 lithographic plates. Bound in contemporary red-stained boards, spine and covers tooled in gold.  

The first edition of a rare treatise on the roofing practices in the Duchy of Savoy by Charles-Marie-Joseph Despine (1792-1856), the secretary of the Royal Chamber of Agriculture and Commerce founded in 1825. Despine is showcasing not only the local customs of Savoy, but also the practices adhered to in the rest of Europe and even in the United States. Of particular interest is the folding Plate III on the production of bricks in America, accompanied by a detailed legend, describing all the necessary steps for their manufacture.

Collection of 17 Works on Farming
In 19th-Century Italy

2. [Agricultural Sammelband/Italy] / COSTETTI, Raimondo. Del Nuovo Concime…sulla Nuova, Utile ed Importante Scoperta per l’Agricultura, fatta in Francia dal Signor Pietro Jauffret […]. Florence, Bencini, 1838. Bound with 16 further works on faming in 19th-century Italy (see below for full contents and collations). Bound in contemporary marbled thick cartonnage.

Extensive collection of 17 early 19th-century Italian agricultural treatises relating to exotic crops, pest control, farm storage, seed scattering, etc. Cotton, peanuts, potatoes, wheat, swedes (a root vegetable popular in England), clover, apples, and other crops are discussed, as is an American decorative annual, Madia sativa, which appears to have been cultivated during the middle the 19th century for its seed oil. Several of the tracts contain lithographed or engraved folding plates depicting farm machinery, crop seeds, and storage facilities. 

Economics Of An Aristocratic Estate In Pre-Revolutionary France,
An Early Illustrated Work On Forestry,
Entirely Engraved

3. [ATLAS/FORESTRY/ ESTATE MANAGEMENT/ GLASSMAKING/ ENTIRELY ENGRAVED] ESTANCELIN, LouisCollection de Cartes Concernant les Forêts, [France?], 40 numbered single-sided engraved plates. Bound in contemporary marbled paper. Very good overall.

Only edition of this unusual volume, entirely engraved, surveying the wooded holdings of the Count of Eu (Louis Charles de Bourbon), in Upper Normandy. This work is comprised entirely of 40 fine, single-sided full-page engravings, including calligraphic plates of text, botanical, architectural and industrial images (e.g. a glass factory), as well as handsome, precise maps of the woods and forests within the County of Pairie d’Eu. “This volume, evidently not intended for general sale, is a great rarity” (Thiébaud, 155).

The Botanical Gardens at Bologna
With 2 Large Folding Plates Depicting Garden Plans

4. [BOTANICAL GARDEN] MONTI, Gaetano. Indices botanici et materiae medicae quibus plantarum genera. Hactenus instituta: Simplicium... Accedit horti publici bononiensis brevis historia. Bologna, 1753. Large 8vo., with 2 large folding plates depicting the plans of the botanical garden and measuring [each 42.9 x 30.7 cm]. Bound in contemporary cardboard wrappers.

Rare augmented edition of this analytic catalogue of the contents of the botanical garden at Bologna by Gaetano Monti, radically revising the 1724 edition of his father, Giuseppe Monti. The earlier publication employed Tournefort’s classificatory system, organizing plants according to structure of fruit and flower, but the younger Monti here adopts the Linnaean system of classification. Over 2000 species are listed alphabetically, with an additional classificatory division according to medical properties (34) and suitable remedies, a reminder of the close links the botanical garden had to the medical faculty at Bologna.

“The Most Important Florentine Atlas” (Valerio)

5. [ATLAS/ ITALY/ AMERICA] BORGHI, A. B. Atlante Generale dell Ab: Bartolommeo Borghi Corredato di Prospetti Gstorici Politici Civili Naturali di ciascheduno Stato… [Florence, 1819]. Oblong folio; contemporary marbled paper over boards, vellum backstrip & corners, black morocco label; with 119 engraved maps, some multi-sheet, all with original outline color.

A superb, contemporary-bound, complete copy of a rare and important Italian atlas, described by Valerio as “the most important Florentine atlas…[It] remained an unsurpassed model for many other lesser and larger works.” One of its most notable aspects is the incorporation of the new post-Napoleonic geo-political contours of Europe just one year after the Congress of Vienna, which had drastically changed the borders all across the continent. The atlas also gives close attention to the mapping of North America and is quite up-to-date in this regard, incorporating quite fully Lewis and Clark information. 

Protecting Voyages to the Americas
Insurance Policies From 1770's Marseille

6. [TRADE] / [2 INSURANCE POLICIES] / [MARTINIQUE]. Au nom de Dieu et de la S(ain)te Vierge, que Dieu conduise le tout a bon sauvement. [Marseille], s.n., 1774 and 1777. Two folio bifolia [43.1 x 27.7 cm], each with letterpress text, woodcuts, and manuscript text on the first leaf. Retaining deckle edge on all sides, folded and annotated as typical of such documents, one of the documents a bit weak at the folds, otherwise very well preserved.  

Two rare folio-size annotated maritime insurance policies from 1770s Marseille relating to merchant voyages to France’s American colonies in the Caribbean. Both policies have been filled-out in manuscript detailing to 2 specific voyages. We were unable to locate any institutional copies of Marseille policies of this sort in OCLC.

Collection of Nine Broadsides
Female Opera Singers in Siena, 1700-1704

7. [WOMEN/BROADSIDES/ OPERA SINGERS/POETRY] Nine Broadsides Addressed to Female Opera Singers in Siena, 1700- 1704. Each broadside measures 26 x 37 cm, with recto printed and verso blank. Ornamented initials in the first word of each sonnet.

A collection of nine broadsides with laudatory sonnets addressed to female singers, who were featured in several opera productions in Siena (Italy) from 1700 to 1704. At the time of the publication of these broadsides, Siena was already part of an international opera circuit. An invaluable source for the history of Italian opera, but also offering a perspective on the position of women in Italian opera and, more generally, in the professional music world in the Early Modern period.

8. [WOMEN/ PROSTITUTION/ LAW]. Arrest de la Cour de Parlement, Qui condamne Marie Madeleine Fougereux […] à être promenée sur un âne, le visage tourné vers la queue… Colophon: Paris, Simon, 1780. 4to. 4 pp. Unbound.

Extremely rare pamphlet issued by the Parliamentary printer, P. G. Simon, summarizing the scandalous case and fitting punishment of Mme. Fougereux, convicted of having ‘tenu lieu public chez elle depuis un temps considerable’ – of having run a brothel for a considerable amount of time.

Matilda of Canossa, the Warrior Queen

9. [WOMEN] POZZO, Giulio dal. / [ZAMBELLINI, Cesare, Engraver]. Maraviglie heroiche del sesso donnesco Memorabili nella duchessa Matilda marchesana Malaspina, contessa di Canossa…detta la Gran contessa d’Italia. Verona, 1678. Large 4to. [29 x 19.5 cm], With 12 plates, of which 3 are large and folding, and with 1 half-page woodcut and 1 half-page engraving in text. Bound in early quarter vellum and Carta Varese floral patterned boards.

Rare first edition of this illustrated biography and genealogy of Matilda of Canossa, the medieval “sublime heroine” of papal fidelity, and one of the rare medieval women remembered for her military accomplishments.


10. [WOMEN / DRAWING MANUAL] / JARRY DE MANCY, Adèle / LE BRETON, Jean-François. Le Dessin d’Après Nature et sans Maitre, suivant la Méthode du Professeur le Breton, consistant a faire Dessiner d’Après Nature, dès la Première Leçon, par Mme Jerry de Mancy, Née Adèle le Breton, Peintre et Professeur… Paris, for the author, 1831. Large folio [46 x 29 cm] plus 32 (i.e. 33, with an ‘8 bis’) numbered lithographed plates signed Mme. Marchand after Mme. Jarry de Mancy. Quarter bound in contemporary morocco and tree calf over pasteboards.

Extremely rare first edition (second issue, a year after the first) on the drawing methods of Jean-François Le Breton, a respected drawing master in 19th-century Paris. Of special interest for having been wholly composed and lithographed by two women, one of whom was Le Breton’s own daughter and pupil and a drawing instructor and painter in her own right.


11. [PERSPECTIVE/ ARCHITECTURE/ [DUBREUIL, Jean] REMBOLD, Johann Christoph (trans). Perspectiva practica, oder Vollständige Anleitung zu der Perspectiv-Reiss-Kunst. Augsburg, 1710. 4to. [22 x 17.5 cm], with 150 engraved plates (recto), (5) pp., and with five half-title pages not in pagination. Bound in contemporary (?) mottled quarter-calf with blue paper over boards.

First German language edition of Dubreuil's treatise on the uses of ‘practical perspective.’ Along with Pozzo’s treatise, the present work was among the most widely employed by German architects in the early 18th century. Most of the 150 full-page plates provide geometrical exercises for rendering columns, entablatures and room interiors, as well as curved surfaces such as casement arches, spiral staircases, and groin-vault ceilings. Cicognara 855: " Opera delle più ben fatte, con facilità di metodi e moltiplicità di esempi ricca di 150 tavole ben intagliate in rame."


12.[WOMAN PRINTER/ PUBLISHER/ BOOKSELLER] CHEVALLIER, Jean Gabriel Augustin. Essai sur l’art de l’ingénieur en instrumens de physique expérimentale en verre … Paris, chez L’Auteur, Madame Huzard, Delaunay, and Pillet, July 1819. Large 8vo. With 15 numbered engraved plates. Untrimmed in original blue publisher’s wrappers.

First and only edition of this fascinating example of the intersection of the Enlightenment and the Industrial Revolution: a manual for manufacturing glass vessels for scientific instruments and experiments, and for its practical applications. The bookseller printer, Madame (Marie-Rosalie) Huzard (née Vallat-La Chapelle) was a prominent and successful printer, active from the 1790s to the 1830s, who specialized in scientific books. She was part of an important publishing family in France.

Early Art-Historical Monograph on a Work of Russian Art
With a Large Folding Engraving

13. [PILGRIMAGE/ RUSSIAN ICON] DÖDERLEIN, Johann Alexander. Slavonisch-Russisches Heiligthum mitten in Teutschland; Das ist: Der grosse Heilige und Märtyrer, Theodor Stratilat, oder Theodorus Dux… Nuremberg, W. M. Endter, 1724. 4to [20.6 x 16.9 cm]. With a large folding engraving [49.5 x 41.2 cm]. Bound in contemporary decorative paper.

Rare first and only edition of one of the first, if not the first Western monograph devoted to a Russian work of art, namely the icon of the fourth-century warrior saint Theodore Stratelates housed in the Rieterkirche St. Marien und Christophorus in Kalbensteinberg, Bavaria, an important pilgrimage church located on the route from Northern Europe to Santiago de Compostela.

Rare First Edition in Spanish
“The First Independent Work on Machinery Published” (Zeitlinger)

14. [TECHNOLOGY] BESSON, Jacques. Teatro de los Instrumentos y Figuras Mathematicas y Mecanicas... Lyon, Horacio Cardon, 1602. Folio [44 x 29.3 cm]. Bound in eighteenth-century marbled paper, genuine and untrimmed.

First edition in Spanish of “the first independent work on machinery published” (Zeitlinger) and the rarest of the vernacular editions. The work and some of the inventions illustrated in it are partly based upon the unpublished notebooks of Leonardo da Vinci.


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