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WaterRemarks -- February 2024

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A Message From Watermark Founder Jon Picoult

This month's top story focuses on one of the best technology-enabled customer experience innovations I've seen in recent years. And guess what -- it has nothing to do with AI.

Indeed, the technology behind this particular customer experience coup is over 50 years old (but, boy, has it aged well).

Read on to learn more -- especially if you've ever wanted to take a bat to a self-service checkout machine.

Best regards,

Jon Picoult

Founder, Watermark Consulting

Author, From Impressed To Obsessed

A Self-Checkout That Customers Love? This Company Created It

Behold a self-checkout customer experience that’s worth checking out – not just for the innovation it represents, but also for the approach used to design it. Learn more in Jon Picoult's latest Forbes column (republished here on his paywall-free blog). [5 minute read]

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American Airlines Just Took Corporate PR Spin To A New Level

American Airlines recently announced that it was eliminating 8% of its customer service staff. But it's how the company explained those layoffs that caught our attention, as Jon Picoult wrote about in this LinkedIn post. [1 minute read]

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How To Justify Customer Experience Investments

How To Justify Customer Experience Investments

Are you struggling to convince your company to invest in customer experience (CX) improvements? In this episode of the J.D. Power podcast, Jon Picoult talked about how to reframe the CX investment discussion in a way that puts the costs in perspective, thereby helping to gain support (and funding) for new initiatives. [34 minute show]

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ICYMI: Top 10 Most-Read Articles Of 2023

Here's our annual summary of Watermark's most-read articles of the year. Lots of interesting topics on this list, covering customer experience, employee engagement, and leadership. Also worth noting -- the article taking the #1 slot this year wasn't just the most-read of 2023, it was one of our most-read articles of all time.

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Calendar flipping

Last Month's Edition Of WaterRemarks

Did you miss out on last month's edition of WaterRemarks? No worries, here's a link to access the newsletter and its lead story: "The Top 10 Most-Read Articles Of The Year."

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