June 2021
News and Updates for
Friends of Building STEPS
Blue Planet Ensures
College Freshmen are Digitally Equipped
Through Ciena’s Digital Inclusion Initiative, Building STEPS graduates will receive a College Success Care Package complete with laptop, online tutoring subscription and $100 toward school supplies. Ciena is literally equipping our students for college and career success. Thank you Blue Planet for providing our students with quality technology and academic support.
Joining Forces with UMBC/CWIT
UMBC's Center for Women in Technology (CWIT) steps up this summer to provide custom math programming to Building STEPS Summer Experience students. CWIT’s curated curriculum, facilitated by their staff and students, will prepare our students for the rigors of advanced math. Meet Cindy Greenwood, Assistant Director, UMBC Scholars Program, who is instrumental in this forward-thinking program.
Bringing the Building STEPS Experience to Life
Funded by the France Merrick Foundation, our new virtual Mission Moment Journey simulates a glimpse into the Building STEPS experience. The Mission Moment Journey delivers a holistic portrayal of our students' engagement in stem exploration and road to college and career success. To schedule your company's 30 minute personal online tour, please contact Jen Descoteau.
Reunited and It Feels So Good
After nearly 16 months of remote programming, Building STEPS high schoolers gathered for an end of year Field Day filled with outdoor team-building activities and lunch. Engaging in person with students and staff was priceless!
Challenges Into Triumphs
There's almost no challenge that we can't handle when it comes to advocating for or supporting a student. "Above and beyond" is all in a day's work providing a safety net for our students making the transition to college and career success. Read here about outcomes of which we're particularly proud!

Music To Our Ears
Xaire recently graduated from Paul Lawrence Dunbar High School and will attend Virginia Polytechnic Institute and State University (aka Virginia Tech) in the fall to study mechanical engineering. His parents and Building STEPS will remain engaged and committed to his college education. Our students' parents and guardians are key to each student's ultimate success.
Doing Our Part
Ruben's Mexican Food
What makes lunch at Field Day extra special? Boxed lunches catered by a Building STEPS Alum!  
Ruben Ramirez graduated from Digital Harbor High School in 2016 and challenged his entrepreneurial spirit by opening Ruben’s Mexican Food in Federal Hill. What a treat and inspiration for our students! Learn more about Ruben’s Mexican Food and his story. 
Building STEPS in the Community
Annie, PR guru at Building STEPS, led the way in donating to the Teddy Bears and Blankets Campaign at Hazelwood Elementary School for those students who lost loved ones due to Covid19. Thank you Hazelwood for sharing these pics with us.