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You might not drive as much as I do in Vermont, but I am betting that each time you pass Exit 4 on Interstate 89 in Randolph you have to slow down and enjoy the incredible view of our mountains and fields.  It is a place that shouts "Vermont!"
Last spring, after years of work to avoid development at that spot, we got a chance to buy and protect that land....and therefore the views, the agriculture, and the sense of space and peace.  It took the very hard work of several organizations and their volunteers, and a fast-paced million-dollar campaign completed by the Preservation Trust of Vermont.  In two months we raised $1 million, and completed the deal with the owners, in partnership with CLF, VNRC, the Castanea Foundation and the local group called Exit Four Open Space.  Success! That land is protected from development forever!
You might ask: what does this have to do with the Preservation Trust?

Yes, we are about history and buildings ... but more than anything else we are about community, village centers, and downtowns.  And we knew that massive development at Exit 4 would do even more damage to the nearby downtown than it would to the view.  We know that community needs a downtown, and a sense of community is the real bottom line in making Vermont what we love.

If you take a look at our Map of Where We Worked, you'll see that Exit 4 was just one project among hundreds undertaken by the Preservation Trust this year. We work collaboratively with local groups to help make community sustainable and vital, whatever it takes.  Your community has probably benefited from our help, and will again when you need us.
We are able to do this because you stick with us through thick and thin, and we are enormously grateful.  Please give now so we can be right where you need us when the time comes. 
Thank you for your partnership and support!

Paul Bruhn
Executive Director

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Your support will help make Vermont's downtowns, village centers and community sustainable and vital.
2017 Where We Worked
Communities at a 2017 Preservation Retreat
What We Do

* Support local preservation efforts through our Field Service Program (204 projects in 2017)


* Provide project development and technical assistance grants through our Robert Sincerbeaux Fund (39 in 2017)


* Provide technical assistance to owners of historic barns and condition assessments through our Barn Assessment Grant Program (technical assistance to 10 barn owners and 6 grant awards in 2017)


* Provide support for at-risk properties through our Historic Places Revolving Fund. This year the revolving fund focused on the Pierce Block in Barton, Vermont Marble Museum in Proctor, Barnard General Store in Barnard, and Fox Hill in Poultney (4 in 2017)

* Provide major grants for preservation-related projects as funds are available (6 new Preservation Grants in partnership with the Freeman Foundation in 2017)

* Work with communities to oppose Sprawl and encourage the proper scale and location of Big Box development in our downtowns including critical efforts at Exit 4 in Randolph (5 in 2017)

* Encourage and help develop Community Supported Enterprises such as village stores, cooperatives, restaurants, and community-centered businesses (9 in 2017)

* Steward historically significant properties through our Historic Preservation Easement Program (73 easements that cover 112 buildings, 2 structures and 3 archeological sites)

* Host two-day Preservation Retreats from May through October at the Grand Isle Lake House (135 individuals from 55 community groups)

* Own and steward four historic properties in VT: the Grand Isle Lake House in Grand Isle, Pierce's Store in Shrewsbury, the Vermont Marble Museum in Proctor, and Fox Hill in Poultney. 

* Lead the effort to run the Vermont Story Lab, a network of non-profit partners and individuals aimed at exploring and supporting storytelling for change. 

* Partner with the Vermont Downtown Program to support revitalization efforts in designated downtowns and village centers. Co-host annual retreat for downtown managers. (for 15 Designated Downtowns). 

* Co-host an annual historic preservation conference in partnership with the Vermont Division for Historic Preservation and the Vermont Downtown Program

* Publish Vermont Restoration Directory and offer preservation resources and guidance on our website

Donate Now
Your support will help make Vermont's downtowns, village centers and community sustainable and vital.
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