The Florida State University Coastal & Marine Laborator y Conservation Lecture Series
A Sense of Place: Insights in Marine Ecology from Tatoosh Island
 by Dr. Sophie McCoy
As we become more in tune to the many changes going on in the world around us, we embark on an increasingly urgent quest for a reference point.  Long-term and historical datasets in ecology can fill this need by providing information on ecological function as conditions vary over time.  The ecological literature is surprisingly rich in thorough, historical datasets.  For example, Tatoosh Island, a tiny island in the cold and rough waters of Washington State, has played host to hundreds of observations and experiments since the 1970s, thanks to the legacy of eminent ecologist Dr. Robert Paine.  Dr. McCoy will present two case studies of her research, first, comparing experimental outcomes among seaweeds over 30 years of ocean acidification and, second, looking closely at modern and archival mussel specimens from Tatoosh Island.
October 13th, 2016
at 7 pm

FSUCML Auditorium

Reception before presentation

Dr. Sophie McCoy is an FSU faculty member in the Department of Biological Science and is affiliated with the FSU Coastal and Marine Laboratory.  She is a community ecologist who focuses on links between environmental changes and the responses of organisms through time.  Her work focuses on nearshore marine organisms and especially seaweeds.