I have been in the financial industry for over 20 years, and I have directed my efforts and skills toward working with women.  I wanted to help women get their financial house in order, and become more successful at their endeavors when it came to their finances.

     I am developing a series to reach you by e-mail on a monthly basis starting in August.  I will start by writing you a message on a topic that I feel could be beneficial to you as you go about doing your finances.  In return, you can write me back with your comments or suggestions as to how and what would really be useful and helpful to you with your finances. (I will block out your information, and then share your comments, suggestions or concerns with the rest of the women who are interested in learning from what we are talking about).

     By conversing about financial topics that are relevant in your life, we can all benefit from the knowledge that is being passed around.  If you know of other women in your lives that you think would benefit from this monthly message, please ask them to send in their e-mail address so we can add them to the list of recipients that will be getting these e-mails.

     Just so you know, I am not selling you anything with this new series, I only want to help you be knowledgeable about your finances.  But, on the same token, I am here to help you if you need help with your Financial House!

     Over the years of being in this industry, I have learned that "women like to learn from other women".  So spread the word that we're all in this together, and look for the first message/article to come your way in mid-August.

     I look forward to this adventure with you, and I appreciate your comments and support.  We'll talk soon ladies!


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