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The mission of the Dallas International Street Chuch is to restore those who have been disenfranchised as a result of poverty and addiction back to God, family and society; through spiritual, physical, emotional and educational healing.

                                          JANUARY 2013


Personal Message 


Pastor Karen   


"This "Forget the former things.." Isa. 43:18

This may be easier said than done.  Many of us have had a year that has left us weak and wounded.  Circumstances and situations have left an indelible mark on our souls that presents various doubts and discouragement as we enter into the new year.  Yes many of us just barely made it through this last year and we enter into this new one limping.  And here God tells us to forget the former things.  Why?  Because as he goes on to say he is "doing a new thing".  This year God wants to do bigger and better things in our life.  he wants to enlarge our territories, restore our families, and heal our brokenness.  Sometimes the key to receiving the promises of the future is forgetting the pain of the past.

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Open Tues. -Saturday 

10:00am- 7:00pm


Donations needed for store - furniture, appliances, clothing, and stuff!  Call 214-928-9595 - we will pick up!


Also, DISC is in need of vans .


Church Service Times:

Sunday - 11 a.m.

   7 p.m.



7 p.m.


Hot meals served following each service. 


2012 was an incredible year of Gods miraculous hand moving throughout the Dallas International Street Church.  From opportunities to provision God proved Himself strong on our behalf.  Here are just a few highlights

  • Opened 36 Bed New Life Skills Center in Kaufman County, Texas
  • 12 Months of Donor Matched Funding
  • Served over 10,000 meals
  • Glen Becks Restoring Love Program Remodels Glory Thrift-Store
  • Glory Thrift Store receives C.O. and opens for business
  • DISC Choir performs live on WFAA Channel 8 Good Day Show
  • Developed new strategic relationships
  • Over 1000 professions of faith made during our services
Throughout the year the Dallas International Street Church participates in several events that are geared to enrich and empower the lives of those in our community.  From our Wet Wild & Wacky Youth Program to our Christmas Party & Toy Giveaway (we served over 1000 kids this past Christmas), we are always expressing the  heart of God to the lost and broken.  Through our daily feeding programs we try to alleviate some of the struggle of living in a food deficient area.  Not to mention our weekly bible and life development classes.  With our small staff we are often challenged in our attempt to fulfill all that we have to do.  Therefore, we are so thankful for those of you who have taken time over the last year to give us a helping hand by volunteering at our special events.  You have really been the backbone of this ministry and have allowed us the flexibility to go above and beyond.  Thank you so much for dedication and commitment to serve like Jesus!!!


Seeking Partners!   


Fifteen years ago, Dallas International Street Church began in downtown Dallas on a "shoestring".   Some thought we would not make it.  I remember one of my pastor friends who allowed me to come to his church  and share the vision God had placed in my heart to open an inner city church, told me that after I had spoken at their church 15 years ago, he told his wife that "they will eat that poor white woman's lunch".   He only shared his doubt that we would make it when I ran into him recently.  He stated that he was amazed at what God had done at DISC in that  most of the visionaries he had known 15 years ago were gone and I was still standing! All Praise be to God!   


God has been so faithful.  He has been with us through "thick and thin".  For our many partners and friends, we have been a conduit of reaching the most broken and needy of our society - those who nobody  thought were salvageable.  As has been proven, over the years, a significant number of lives have been turned around and individuals have come "back to God, family, and society - in their own homes, working jobs and serving the Lord!  Watch for our upcoming "hall of fame" of "lives changed" which will be posted on our website shortly!  You, partners, will be blessed and totally amazed at the large number of lives changed and to see where your "hard-earned" dollars have been going - saving souls and restoring lives!


Now, back to where we are today.   As we move into 2013, we are seeking  partnerships to help us reach  more people.  We conduct church services every night, Tuesday through Friday; pick up approximately 50-60 people per night in addition to our regulars; service hot meals following each service - feeding approximately 200 people per day.  Throughout the days at DISC, we have continual classes and work going on to prepare the people for life healing; we operate three discipleship homes in Dallas as well as our 36 man facility in Kaufman County.  We network with other agencies such as City of Dallas Gateway Housing Program for transitional housing, Bridge Builders Job Training; as well as Christian Women's Job Corp for the  skill training of our women,  Our Glory Thrift Store is in full operation and we are planning for it to become a serious  part of our support for the ministry - hours of operation - Tuesday through Saturday, 10 a.m to 7 p.m.   In the near future, we will be opening our food distribution center for the community.    


Dear Partners and Friends, your investment in souls in the inner city is not wasted.  The Dallas International Street Church is good ground to seed into - as we are seeing this "tree" bear fruit.  For every person we are able to transition off the streets, we are not only saving the city and county resources; one source suggested that the average $ amount per year to take care of one homeless person was $40,000.  This figure includes basic use of shelters, emergency rooms, mental health services, and jails.  At the Dallas International Street Church,  your investment dollars  are actually bringing the people who once were living in the streets,  back to life to become productive members of society.  We are not only saving lives, saving valuable resources, but  saving souls for eternity. 


Please consider adding the Dallas International Street Church to your missions giving this year.  Go to our website, www.karendudleyministries.org, and make your secure donation through our paypal account - or you may send a check made payable to The Dallas Interational Street Church, P.O. Box 151461, Dallas, Texas 75315.   


Thank you and God Bless!

From the Heart of the City,

Karen Dudley

Founder/Sr. Pastor  





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Karen Dudley
P.O. Box 151461
Dallas, Texas 75315