An Easy Shawl to Keep You Knitting
About Our Sample

Our sample shawl uses Color 2078 (it's the lighter yarn with cream, aqua, lime, and orange color changes) and Color 2385 (the dark with purple, orange, yellow green, and cream).

Katie's design alternates 2 rows of one yarn with 2 rows of another. This AC (alternating current!) mixes up the colors and brings lots of interest to the shawl.

Our sample has the purple of the darker yarn in the crocheted bobbles on the edging. Nice touch, we think.
A Note from Wanda

Dear Knitting and Crocheting friends,

I'm hoping that you have found some time to sit with your knitting or crocheting this summer. I have been doing the same.

But even with social distancing and trying to stay home, there have been a lot of opportunities to be out for a hike or a bike ride.

I've been in my garden a lot. My husband moved some volunteer sunflower plants that came up from last year's plants. He took a big gravel shovel and dug those babies up and moved them into better spots.

The sunflower plants are tall and they are blossoming and they are beautiful. I even took my wooden pochade box and my oil paints out to the garden last Sunday morning and painted sunflowers!

Sometimes in my knitting, I get between projects. Things are like that now for me. I'm almost done with a sleeveless sweater. I'm close to being done with a cardigan. I have the swatch knit for another cardi. I'm swatching for a large blanket that I've been planning for several years.

So right now, I feel like I'm in between projects. Our lives are like that too. So in between. We'd like to be in the after stages of this Coronavirus thing, but instead we are still smack dab in the middle of a pandemic.

Yet, I'm grateful for good things. Like sunrises and sunsets. For phone calls and video calls with family and friends. For greens from our garden. For crazy little things like the peanut M&Ms that my husband brings me by the bagful.

Do take care! Check your projects and, if you think you need something new, get your order in to us. We're happy to be helpful with colors or needle sizes or any of those questions that pop up.

Happy knitting,
In my garden with Sunday's sunflower painting.

A girl can't knit all the time!
More sunflowers.

Can you tell we like sunflowers?!
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