A Blessing as You Receive the Coronavirus Vaccine

Dear one,
how brave you have been!
Ten months of exhausting work,
family challenges, fear and worry,
death and loss and grief.
Ten months of showing up,
day after lengthy day,
faithfully offering the gift of yourself 
in service to others.

And now: the day has finally arrived!
At long last, the vaccine is here!
We are turning the corner:
darkness to light,
despair to hope,
illness to healing,
isolation to companionship,
sorrow to joy.
Yes, we still have a ways to go.
Covid is still with us.
We still grieve, we are still so tired.
We still have work to do.
But time and again, you have proven this truth:
you are brave.

Today, we join our hearts in hope:
that the vaccine will provide physical protection,
that you will receive the comfort and strength you need,
and that you will know that the light has dawned.
Today is a good day, a joyous day.
May it be a day that gives you hope
Rev. Heather M. Hinton
Lahey Hospital and Medical Center
Burlington, Massachusetts