Supreme Court Decision Has Silver Linings
We Are Disappointed, But Hopeful for Future
I know it may sound like wishful thinking, but Monday's decision , while certainly disappointing, has two positive silver linings. Hear me out.
First, and most obviously, Justices Gorsuch and Kavanaugh siding with Louisiana is a major win for our cause long term.
Second, Chief Justice Roberts' decision delivered a blow to pro-abortion forces looking to dismantle the pro-life movement once and for all.
In 2016, the pro-abortion wing of the court ushered in a new standard of review in the case Whole Women' Health v. Hellerstedt . Simply put, this new standard made it almost impossible for current pro-life laws to be considered constitutional. Emboldened by this radical decision, pro-abortion attorneys in 2017 filed a host of lawsuits aimed at bringing down Louisiana pro-life laws that have been on the books for years. 
Roberts' decision on Monday gutted that new standard introduced in Hellerstedt and returned Supreme Court precedent to a place that gives pro-life laws a better chance at surviving scrutiny. His decision opened the door to more Supreme Court cases in the future that could further challenge what Justice Thomas correctly called an "ill-founded abortion jurisprudence."
Don't get me wrong. The Chief Justice erred in striking down our law based solely on precedent. If the 2016 decision was wrong, then it is still wrong in 2020. The Constitution did not change. We have worked for six years to hold abortion businesses to the same health and safety standards as all other outpatient facilities. The court protected this dangerous loophole, and women in Louisiana remain in jeopardy.
But Louisiana gained ground for the pro-life movement on Monday, and the abortion industry lost ground.  While not what we wanted right now, and the delay is frustrating to say the least, we hope the decision in time sets the stage for a larger win in the future for both life and for women's health.

Let's stay the course and keep fighting!

For a Pro-Life Louisiana,
Benjamin Clapper

P.S. We have had a busy couple of days doing media interviews. There are too many to mention all, but they include State Sen. Katrina Jackson on Fox News , our Associate Director Angie Thomas on many local outlets, including Fox 8 New Orleans, and our Director of Education Alex Seghers and Black Advocates for Life Director Kathy Allen, Ph.D, on CNN.

Supreme Court Strikes Down Our Admitting Privileges Law, But We'll Continue the Fight
The Supreme Court has made a tragic decision. Once again, it put abortion businesses and their profits over everything else. In a 5-4 decision, Chief Justice Roberts joined Justices Sotomayor, Kagan, Breyer, and Ginsburg in striking down our common-sense 2014 law requiring abortion businesses to have admitting privileges at a local hospital. But this won't stop us! We will keep fighting to defend unborn babies and protect the health and safety of women in Louisiana.

Help Us Spread the Word! Vote YES on Nov. 3 to the Love Life Constitutional Amendment
It is more important than ever that Louisiana pass the Love Life Amendment to the Louisiana Constitution on Nov. 3! The Love Life Amendment will simply ensure there is no right to abortion or taxpayer funding of abortion in the Louisiana Constitution. Will you pledge to vote yes, and get your friends and family to do the same?

The 2021 Proudly Pro-Life Gala is set for Saturday, Jan. 16, 2021, in downtown New Orleans. Benjamin Watson, former tight end for the New Orleans Saints, will be the Proudly Pro-Life honoree and keynote speaker. Will you become a patron or buy tickets?
The seventh annual Chers Bébés: Acadiana’s Soirée for Life, will be held on Thursday, Oct. 29 at Cathedral Hall in Lafayette. This year's honorees are Sharon Fontenot and Dr. Kim and Bonnie Hardey. Sponsorships and table hosts are now being sought.
Restrictions due to COVID-19 have forced Louisiana Right to Life to cancel three events – two fund-raisers and a youth camp – that were planned for spring and summer months. But that has not stopped our organization from continuing its fight to defend life in Louisiana.
Congratulations to Lafayette teen Christine Doré, who was recently named the winner of the Louisiana Pro-Life Oratory Contest. This year's state contest was done virtually because of COVID-19 restrictions. The contest is usually held in conjunction with the state Knights of Columbus convention.
A new billboard campaign is under way in Shreveport to combat recent negative messaging provided by pro-abortion groups. Two pro-life billboards have recently gone up, and we are currently raising funds to keep the messages on Shreveport roadways.
Are you a Louisiana citizen? Will you be 18 by Nov. 3? Are you registered to vote? If not, please register to vote today! We need your help passing the Love Life Constitutional Amendment, which will be on the Nov. 3 ballot, the same day as the presidential election. Both votes are critical!
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