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Leadership on Point

I am not usually one to talk sports (unless it is a friendly feud about the Toronto Maple Leafs!) however, something happened this weekend that sparked the idea for this newsletter.
University Women’s Basketball.

Let me preface this by saying I know almost nothing about basketball so if I get some of the terminology or stats wrong, please forgive me! What I want to talk about is leadership, and how one 5’4” point guard demonstrated it, not just this weekend but all season.  

Melissa Tatti:

  • Player of the Year, Ontario University Association
  • First team All Star
  • 1st all time total points for Brock 
  • Silver Medalist, Canadian Nationals
  • 1st place provincial standing 
Melissa Tatti is the “backbone and heart of the Brock Badgers team” according to basketball blogger Jacob Smith. Brock was not expected to make it to the Provincials yet alone the Nationals. But the team has grit. The coach has grit. Melissa has grit... courage, confidence, hunger, follow through, optimism and creativity.

Grit – a key to success on the basketball court and in leadership.   

Leadership is about having the courage to face adversity, having confidence in yourself and in your team. It’s about being hungry to achieve your goals and following through on your action plans to do just that. Leadership is about optimism fueled by creativity. If one plan doesn’t work, examine why, course correct, take charge and try again. Learn from your mistakes and never give up. 

Above all, believe in yourself.

“Not a lot of people believed in us, but we believed in us.” said fifth-year point guard Melissa Tatti, of Ancaster.

And look where it got them.

Oh, and full disclosure – Melissa is my niece!  

Audie McCarthy
President & CEO
What You Tell Us. Your Testimonial Stands Out!
"Completing Future Ready Leadership 1 & 2 has made me a more confident leader. A combination of reassurance, new ideas, concepts, and perspective was the key. It was more than just listening to ways to lead, it was creating an understanding of why we have certain tendencies and how to adjust when needed. It also provided insight as to how you can get the most out of a working relationship, understanding how another person thinks and performs. "
Phil DiFlorio, Store Manager, Terra Milton
MCE had the opportunity to submit a workshop for the upcoming OMHRA Spring conference.

We proposed "Cyber Attack - Who's Next" as a 1.5 hour, interactive session for HR professionals. This session will expose the basics to cyber security as it applies to HR & IT departments, how municipalities are increasingly under cyber attack, and mitigation strategies that can be put in place to thwart attacks. The best part is the interactive 'Cyber Incident Response' that will put participants through an eye-opening simulation!

The event will take place on April 16, 2020
We are also announcing our 10th Anniversary celebrations that will coincide with Mohawk’s Employer Partnering Showcase on April 27, 2020.

This event showcases Mohawk students, departments, research capabilities and services, to industry and companies.

It’s a one-day showcase event across the college from 11am to 4pm

Contact Audie McCarthy for more details – 905.575.2525 or .
MCE requires an Inside Sales person for our Stoney Creek location with some travel to outside areas. 

The successful candidate will generate sales for our “Open Seat” classes across the province and manage house accounts. 

Forward resumes to Lorraine at . Share Lorraine's email with qualified friends!
Our Team is Growing! Beth Alderson
Beth Alderson joined the MCE team this month as Office Administrator. Beth brings an extensive list of experiences in many areas from office coordination, administration, general support to management, and executive assistance. Beth believes that a strong professional support team is vital to ensure forward progress in any organization.

Beth was previously with the IBM Innovation Centre in downtown Hamilton. Welcome Beth!

We'd also like to thank Lucas Robinson, who has recently accepted a position with Mohawk College. So many thanks for all your hard work and dedication to the team!
Course of the Month: Summer Series
The MCE Summer Series consists of four courses that will develop key skills for the workplace. In each of these highly interactive courses, there are tools to help participants develop and practice important interpersonal skills. Participants will be able to use the knowledge gained to create a personal learning plan for future development.

The Summer Series consists of four individual courses, however, each course utilizes skills and techniques learned in the other courses and provides a solid foundation for professional development. The courses are available in areas North of Toronto and the Greater Hamilton Area. The topics are listed below:

  • Communicating with Confidence
  • Dealing With Difficult Behaviours
  • Emotional Intelligence
  • Time Management Mastery

For more information and to register, visit the course listings here  .
For more information about our programs, contact:
Lorraine MacDonald
Mohawk College Enterprise | 905-575-2534 | |