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כ״א בְּתִּשְׁרֵי תשע״ג
September 25, 2013
HoShana Rabba

  Dear Wonderful Friends,

1. Ahh ....Simchas Torah .... 
The effort it takes to dance with simcha is one that should not be downplayed. It is a tremendous act of kedusha to engage the whole body in Divine Service. A great Simchas Torah need not be synonymous with the esteemed personalities of Mr. J. Walker and Mr. G. Livet. [All drinking is forbidden for minors and greatly discouraged for all] Rather, it requires you to enter into the circle of ecstasy known as hakafos. Let the Rambam [Lulav, 8:15] do the talking


The happiness with which a person should rejoice in the fulfillment of the mitzvot and the love of God who commanded them is a great service. Whoever holds himself back from this rejoicing is worthy of retribution, ...... [In contrast,] anyone who lowers himself and thinks lightly of himself in these situations is [truly] a great person, worthy of honor, who serves God out of love. Thus, David, King of Israel, declared [II Samuel 6:22]: "I will hold myself even more lightly esteemed than this and be humble in my eyes,"  because there is no greatness or honor other than celebrating before God, as [II Samuel 6:16] states: "King David was dancing wildly and whistling before God." 


2. It is our tefilla that the ruach of dancing at the hakafos will be inspiring and a wonderful Kiddush Hashem. Please come and spread the word. We need koach and we need you! Bring your children and show with all your bones that Torah is life mamash.  Even if you don't learn that much.. if your brother is getting married , would you not dance at his wedding?  

3. We want to create memories for our children in so many ways --- one will be in the form of "sweet associations" with Torah - an idea that has roots in our earliest sources. Anyone who would like to sponsor the Candyland for Simchas Torah this year would be so appreciated. We are asking for 750 dollars to cover these expenses. The FIRST one to come forth will receive the merit of this wonderful mitzvah. Pls reply to this email or email link@linkla.org   

4. We are also asking for partial sponsorships for the Kiddush on Simchas Torah. This will be 125 dollar per sponsorship -- capped at six sponsors. We have 2 already


5. Over Yom Tov, we will be auctioning off (among other things) selling the monthly privileges of Ner LaMaor [electricity] and Ruach L'neshama [Air Conditioning]. Each is 250 dollars and represents about � of our monthly Water and Power bill. This is a fantastic merit - for it enhances the earning in a very direct way


6.  We will be announcing our  Very Worthy Chosson Torah and Chosson Bereishis Tomorrow

On this Hoshana Rabah, I wish that Hashem grant you a beautiful year in all respects.

A gutten kvitel!

With great Torah blessings,
Asher Brander



A Special Children's Simchas Torah event

THIS Thursday, 9:30am at LINK




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