Warmest thoughts and best wishes for a wonderful holiday and a very happy and healthy New Year! This past year has shown everyone many challenges and we want to let you know, we appreciate your continued support. Thank you for all of the great projects this year and we look forward to 2021. Please note that we will be shutting down starting at noon on Wednesday, December 23 through to the New Year, reopening on Monday, January 4, 2021 at 7am.
Our last newsletter of the year includes an AMAZING sleek and modern kitchen that is unlike much of the cabinetry you have seen from us. It is exciting to be able to show the range of design styles that we can produce here at FCI! Our craftsmen and installation team are top notch, helping our design team create you the home of your dreams!
These pictures speak for themselves, but we will touch on a few things in this sleek and modern kitchen design. Minimal hardware, slab door design, and waterfall countertops are all features you will notice in this home. Finishes are flat white and black, with seamless cabinetry and integrated appliances (along with a TV).

We want our customers to know that we are not limited to any design style, we are only limited by your imagination! Let us make your vision a reality by creating the kitchen, bathroom, bar, home office or closet of your dreams.
Natural stone countertops are a very popular choice in many homes. If you own, or are planning to own, a natural stone product (such as granite, marble, soapstone or quartzite), you should know that sealing your natural stone countertops is very important. Sealing adds a barrier to the stone, which helps prevent staining by giving you extra time to clean up spills that would otherwise soak into the stone immediately. Our sealer guarantees the stone to resist stains for 15 years!

So, now we know what sealers do, but are you familiar with stone agers (or stone enhancers)? Simply put, a stone sealer provides a stain-resistant barrier, while a stone ager/enhancer brings out the natural colors and grains/streaks of the natural stone. What is nice about agers is that most have two protects/seals the surface like a sealer would, but it also enhances the look of the natural stone product!

Whether your stone requires a stone enhancer or not, it’s important to NOT skip the sealer. Properly sealing your natural stone surfaces is vital in maintaining their appearance and preventing wear. Even lower traffic areas should be sealed to ensure a long life and better stain resistance, so that you can continue to enjoy your surfaces for years to come.
We appreciate your business and we are committed to not only creating the best products but creating the best ownership experience. You have invested in a quality product, and we want to make sure it continues to look and function like new for many years to come. Work will be conducted by a professionally trained installation team member who is experienced in working with our cabinets, tops and appliances on a daily basis.

Please fill out THIS FORM to schedule maintenance on your cabinets, countertops and/or appliances. We will need the original homeowner’s name/address who purchased the products from FCI so we can access job archives. The more info we have, the more prepared we can be. If items are required to be ordered in, we will do so, then schedule once all parts are received.

Some items, such as appliance maintenance, are required on a routine basis. If you would like us to help remind you, we can set you on a recurring maintenance program to make sure you get the most life of your premium appliances.
Some of our most requested items have been:

· Adjusting doors and drawers
· Checking soft-close mechanisms
· Paint/Stain touching-up

· Repairing any chips in surfaces
· Sealing natural stone tops
· Re-caulking sink/backsplash
· Checking sink mounting anchors

· Touching-up wood panel fronts
· Ensuring appliances are
fastened securely
· Replacing Sub-Zero water/air
· Cleaning compressor louvers on

"Create more moments worth savoring with the superior performance, stunning design, and reliable longevity of Sub-Zero, Wolf and Cove. And for a limited-time, Sub-Zero Care Plus provides the extra protection and peace of mind you need to enjoy the kitchen you have always wanted."

Purchase a qualifying Sub-Zero and Wolf appliance package and receive three additional years of protection OR a $1,000 rebate. For details, visit their website or give us a call, 812-963-3377.
We always try to keep bringing more visual options to our customers that walk through our doors. This includes having on display many design styles, hardware options, appliances and cabinetry. Recently we added a brand new locker display, as well as updated one of our bathrooms!

This locker is an overlay cabinetry, in a gorgeous blue/gray color with a contrasting dark wood bench and shiplap detail. This piece has amazing amounts of storage, perfect for backpacks, sport bags, purses, shoes, and any other items you'd like tucked away!
Next we updated one of our bathrooms by creating a navy vanity with quartz countertop. We also created the matching mirror and floating shelves, and completed the look with honey bronze hardware that really complements the navy color.