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May 2019
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Q: What's the fastest way to improve productivity?

A: Eliminate waste

Waste is anything that's done or used that's more than required. It's not just scrap. It's the wasted time, effort and money that occur when things aren't done to plan.

Here are some examples:

"Digging the Hole Too Big".   Anytime your crew does more work than required, that's waste. Wasted time, wasted effort.   Why bury the line 14" deep when the specification says 10" is required?   Moving the extra dirt costs time and money.

Material Handling.   The more trips to stock, load, unload and store, the more waste. Remember "OHIO", Only Handle It Once.    

Too Much Wrong Inventory.   Carrying around a truck full of useless parts doesn't boost your ability to meet customer needs, it actually detracts.   Implement a "5S" program to keep trucks and shop areas clean, well-stocked and clutter-free.

Install Mistakes.  Errors hurt your bottom line and your reputation. Going back to do tasks over eats time and profits. Increase training and in-process checks to identify and correct errors before they become habits.

Go cut some waste today.
The Team at Normac

Introducing the New ESP-ME3 

The new ESP-ME3 builds on the station modularity and easy programming of the ESP-Me WiFi ready controller and adds flow sensor compatibility for accessible, reliable system control.
Powerful Accessories  Smart weather adjustments and flow monitoring available through the LNK WiFi module and a wired flow sensor.    The flow sensor provides real-time alerts of system conditions, allowing you to react to system problems quickly.
Simple to Use  Reduced dial positions and a back-lit screen make programming easy to understand and explain.  
Flexible Installation Indoor or outdoor use and expandable up to 22 stations.  
Click here to get a sneak preview with Rain Bird's new brochure.      
Many Reasons to Retrofit with Hunter's MP Rotator   

Retrofitting your customers existing spray heads with rotary nozzles brings many benefits.    
Hunter MP Rotator Nozzles are an ideal solution for sites where uniform coverage and healthy turf are desired.
Their multi-trajectory, rotating streams apply water more slowly and uniformly than conventional sprays. Independent water audits now document water savings of 20% or more when conventional spray nozzles are replaced with rotary nozzles. Additional water-saving advantages include better wind resistance and less misting. Because water is applied more slowly, there is less chance for run-off in tight soils.
To achieve efficient watering with rotary nozzles, you must:
  • Convert all spray nozzles on the zone
  • Not mix rotary nozzles with other application types
  • Adjust watering run times and cycles at the controller
Offer your customers the option of rotary nozzle conversions. They'll appreciate a greener, healthier lawn with water savings.  You'll appreciate the added easy boost to your bottom line.
NDS redesigned Flo-Well is easier to install and holds up to twice the amount of water than other drywell systems, resulting in half the digging and half the cost of a traditional drywell system

Able to hold up to 55 gallons of water, which is over 50 percent more than a traditional peastone drywell, the Flo-Well units can also be connected or stacked to increase holding capacity and accommodate a variety of drainage needs.

Many cities have required that stormwater runoff remain on the property to reduce pollution into local water beds such as rivers and lakes. The Flo-Well units collect, retain, and discharge stormwater on-site, offering a gravel-free alternative.

The Flo-Well system offers important environmental benefits: It is made from 100 percent recycled plastic and stormwater filters naturally through the subsurface, reducing pollutants

Water Retention is created through site design that allows the temporary storage and slow release of storm water run off.   NDS Flo-Well can be used alone or piped together in a series to manage a multitude of water volumes. The volume of runoff is reduced which decreases the chance of flooding and soil erosion.

The new cone-shape design is stronger than the older, ribbed flat panel lid, and has not only additional lid fastening features but also an NDS Universal adapter cut out. It has supports for an 8" pipe with further cut outs for better filtration of stormwater runoff.
What is Backflow?  Why Are Backflow Preventers Needed?

Backflow Preventers are a common item in irrigation supply houses and are mandated by code in many areas, but have you ever wondered what backflow is, and why backflow preventers are required?

What Is Backflow?
Backflow is the undesirable reversal of flow of a possible source of contamination into the potable water system. Backflow is a risk in all irrigation applications, and a solution to protect drinking water systems must be provided.

When Does Backflow Occur?
Backflow is caused by pressure changes, including conditions of gravity, vacuum, etc. The two factors that contribute to backflow are backsiphonage and backpressure.

What is a Backflow Preventer?
Backflow preventers are designed to protect the public, potable water supply from the hazards of backflow (contaminants and pollutants). For more information on the importance of backflow and how to select the right backflow prevention device, visit www.zurn.com or click here 
Ideal Backflow Preventers for Irrigation Systems
  • Pressure Vacuum Breaker: protects against backsiphonage in low and high hazard situations
  • Reduced Pressure Principle Assembly: protects against backsiphonage and backpressure conditions in low and high hazard situations
Visit the Zurn Wilkins Irrigation YouTube Playlist for informational backflow device videos, including troubleshooting and maintenance tips.

Why Would a Customer Choose Artificial Grass Over a Natural Lawn?
The answer is: savings.
Not only does artificial grass save up to 70% on the average water bill, but it also saves money and time because of its low maintenance qualities. No more mowing and sodding, and no more monthly landscaping upkeep bills.
How does this benefit you, the contractor? An artificial grass lawn cost more to install than natural sod, and it also has a high referral rate in the community. Today's artificial grass lawns are lush and mimic natural lawns almost to perfection. High quality artificial lawns last for well over a decade and keep a fresh, green look year round. Offer your customers the kid and pet-friendly grass alternative that eliminates track-in mud, scraped knees, and ugly grass stains!
With the help of EasyTurf's step-by-step videos on how to install artificial grass, your customers will thank you for providing them with a nice, lush, money saving landscape solution.
Get a few installs under your belt, and start noticing neighbors wanting estimates on their lawns too. So, take the first step and visit ultimategrass.com today.
Making money has never looked so real.  See the team at Sprinkler World for all of your artificial turf needs.