April 2018
A Snap Shot of the Bridge Design Process

  • Bridges are designed using a process called Load and Resistance Factor Design. This means safety factors are built into determining the total load as well as the capacity of the structural members.
  • All of our bridges are designed and reviewed by Professional Engineers with 15 to 20 years of experience. Every component is checked and reviewed internally before submission to the client.
  • Our County, City, and State clients review the plans at least twice, usually three times, to ensure compliance with The Ohio Department of Transportation (ODOT) standards and general engineering practices.
  • ODOT provides design standards that are built on solid research and years of experience. Innovative designs are accepted, but thoroughly reviewed at all levels.
  • During construction, independent inspectors and observers track contractor progress and compliance with design plans and state standards. We are always available to answer questions during the construction process to clarify intent and ensure a high quality product.

Annual Bridge Inspection and Load Ratings Program
Photo shown above: Bridge on County Road 493; photo shown below: Bridge Inspection in Ohio

Hammontree & Associates, Limited has performed bridge inspections for over 21 years and load ratings since 2009. These have been performed in accordance with the Ohio Department of Transportation (ODOT) and Federal requirements.

During our bridge inspections we encounter various types of structures including timber covered bridges, stone arches, culverts, steel and concrete beams, steel trusses, and modern pre-stressed concrete bridges. We provide a report with photos for each bridge and advise on any serious conditions that need immediate attention.

Hammontree is on the County Engineers Association of Ohio (CEAO)/Ohio Department of Transportation (ODOT) list of pre-qualified consultants for fracture critical load ratings and we were selected by seven counties to assist in fulfilling the requirements of this program.

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