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New Whole Grain Research Points to Numerous Health Benefits

Whole grains are consistently linked with lower risks of heart disease, longer lives, reduced inflammation, and better blood sugar management. The benefits of whole grains are so strong and consistent, that studies repeatedly show that eating more whole grains is one of the most effective dietary changes to reduce healthcare costs. Stay up-to-date with current research on whole grains by browsing studies in our searchable health studies database. Research can be filtered by health outcome (such as "gut health") as well as by whole grain (such as "oats"). 


Keep Up with Whole Grain Trends

Take an Inside Look at Brown Rice Trends

What exactly are people pairing with this tried-and-true whole grain, and which people are reaching for it most often? To learn more about brown rice trends, we caught up with Cameron Jacobs of USA Rice to share insights from USA Rice’s Research on Rice Eating Occasions compiled by The Hartman Group.


2022 IFIC Survey Shows Consumer Interest in Whole Grains for Health

When people are looking for functional foods to improve various health concerns, odds are, they’re looking to whole grains. To get a better view of consumer understanding of whole grains and health, join us in exploring the results from the newly released 2022 IFIC Food and Health Survey.


Join Our Food Photography Webinar on 9/8 at 2pm ET

In this session, experts will share best practices throughout the entire styling, photographing, and editing process using whole grain foods as a case study. At the end of the webinar, we’ll share how you can put your new food photography skills into practice throughout Whole Grains Month in September for a chance to win prizes. 


Fruit-Forward Whole Grain Recipes

Whole Grain Blueberry Muffins

An Oldways recipe and photo

Watermelon Quinoa Salad

Recipe and photo courtesy of Bob's Red Mill

Getaway in Naples and Amalfi

Enjoy pizza, pasta, tomatoes & Mozzarella on a weeklong tour 

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