A Sneak Peek at the New Parents Who Host
Dear Friends and Partners, 

Amid the outbreak of COVID-19, the Prevention Action Alliance team has transitioned to working from home, like so many others of you across the nation. These new working conditions have taken some time to figure out, but we wanted to assure you that we are still making strides towards relaunching the Parents Who Host campaign. 

Our team is hard at work finalizing all of the campaign details while our suppliers are gearing up to get products ready for order. We will soon have the new and improved Parents Who Host Lose the Most media campaign ready for you. 

From all of us at Prevention Action Alliance, we appreciate your patience in these strange and uncertain times. We strive to continue to help you be a champion of your community by providing resources, support, and encouragement. Stay tuned to see how this new campaign can elevate your efforts and help spread the message that Parents Who Host Lose the Most! 
Self-Care During a Pandemic
We live in difficult times. COVID-19 has havoc on life in the U.S. and in other countries. In Ohio, where we’re based, restaurants, bars, schools, and other parts of society have shut down and residents have been asked to stay home if possible. Our office, too, has largely shut down, and our employees continue to work from home. 

I have never seen anything like it, but I know we will prevail. In the meantime,  we will continue to provide you with service and support . As parents or people who work in the behavioral and public health fields or with youth, you’re on the front lines right now whether you’re providing telehealth, mental health wellness tips, or helping a young person make sense of all this. 

As I said, I’ve never seen anything like this. This is a once-in-a-lifetime pandemic. It will require all of us to do our part. As the helpers, you know this and are doing your part. I want to help you take care of yourself while you help others. 

Taking care of yourself is important during any crisis . However, it’s challenging right now as many of us have lost access to our favorite coping mechanisms—time with friends and family, exercising at the gym, going to movies or concerts, and more. 

To help you practice and role model self-care, we’ve compiled a list of tips for your benefit:
Get plenty of sleep and exercise
Eat nutritious meals
Avoid alcohol and drugs
Schedule time for activities you enjoy
Limit consuming the news, even on social media
Talk to friends and family. You can use technology to limit physical interaction if you’re concerned about spreading the virus.

If you find yourself in need of further help, you should consult a mental health professional. If you’re in a crisis, we recommend texting  4hope  to  741 741 .

Thank you for fighting the good fight,

Marcie Seidel
Executive Director
Prevention Action Alliance
Tips for Working Remotely
Working from home can be difficult. The environment can be distracting, and the limited social interactions can be isolating. Here are several resources our staff has found useful for taking care of ourselves and making the most of our lives at home:

Digital Fact Sheets, Resources for Prevention
With many people working remotely and relying on digital communications, we want to make sure you know about our fact sheets and infographics on prevention. These resources cover a wide array of topics from a basic overview of prevention to how coalitions can capitalize on Tobacco 21’s momentum to how colleges and universities can get involved in prevention. They’re regularly updated, and we do take suggestions for topics.

You can freely distribute these resources without modification on social media, by email, at community fairs, on your website, and in any other way to reach parents, teachers, politicians, social service workers, business leaders, faith leaders, and others in your community. 
Have something you want shared in the next Parents Who Host newsletter? Questions? Comments?

Parents Who Host Lose The Most is a program of Prevention Action Alliance.