Volume 117 | July 2019
A New Whole Grain Hits the Market
Created by Spanish researchers by combining durum wheat with a wild barley variety native to Chile and Argentina, tritordeum pairs the digestibility of barley with the globally-beloved taste of wheat. Tritordeum has been hybridized using traditional breeding techniques and has not been genetically modified. This new crop also has lower water requirements and a reduced need for fungicides and fertilizers compared with common wheat varieties, making it a very attractive addition to the agricultural landscape.

Like wheat, tritordeum is well-suited to growing conditions in the Mediterranean region and is currently being grown both organically and conventionally in Spain, Italy, Greece, and the South of France. It’s now available on grocery shelves in at least 10 European countries and Australia, and we have our fingers crossed that it makes its way to the US and other countries soon.
Sign Up for Whole Grains Month
For Whole Grains Month in September, we’ll be celebrating “Whole Grains: The World Tour.” Participants can look forward to a month of delicious recipes, resources, and inspiration from around the world!

Whole Grains Linked with Healthy Aging
In a study of 3,349 adults ages 50+, those eating the most whole grains (about 7 servings per day) were significantly more likely to score higher on the "successful aging index" — a measure of social, lifestyle, and medical indicators — than those eating the least whole grains (about 1.5 servings per day). Those eating the most whole grains were also less likely to have high blood pressure, diabetes, and high cholesterol.
Calling All New England Local Grain Enthusiasts
Yale Landscape Lab, Chabaso Bakery, and Atticus are planning a regional grain gathering this fall. The goal is to bring together farmers, producers (bakers, brewers, distillers), chefs, and academics to catalyze a local grains community and economy in our region. The event organizers are collecting ideas and availability in a pre-event survey (linked below), so if you're interested in participating, we welcome your feedback.
Creative Whole Wheat Recipes
Whole wheat (including freekeh) is July’s Whole Grain of the Month . Freekeh’s smoky flavor pairs beautifully with savory roasted cauliflower and sweet-tart dried cherries. 

An Oldways recipe
This is one of several new recipes featured in our Make Every Day Mediterranean menu plan book . Panzanella is a Tuscan-inspired salad that is a delicious way to use up whole grain bread that is past its prime. 

An Oldways recipe
Bulgur adds a delightful texture to burgers and patties. This version is packed with flavor and whole grain nutrition. 

An Oldways recipe

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Director of Nutrition

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Whole Grains Council Program Director

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